Ticket & venue info

You are also able to buy tickets by calling Eventim: +47 219 59 200, weekdays between 10:00 am and 17:00 pm.

People between the age 15 and 20, get a cultural discount to all concerts except at Alexandraparken. This is a program under the direction of Møre and Romsdal County. The discount is unique, and you will only be able to buy one ticket. Remember to bring your ID. Everyone with the cultural discount ticket must show their ID at the entrance to the concert entrance.

Regarding Companion: This applies only for those with a companion status. The correct ID verifying this, must be shown, before entering the concert arena. The HC entrance at Romsdalsmuseet, close to Gildehallen is your entrance point. If In need of assistance, we kindly ask you to be there in a timely manner, before the concert starts. Should there be any questions, please contact the organizing staff present. Companion ID can be purchased by calling Eventim.

A ticket is a securitie, lost tickets will not be replaced.
Resale of tickets above their nominal price is illegal.
Tickets are non-refundable.
It is illegal to take photos and/or record video-footage at all events.
Smoking only in designated areas.
Daily- and weekly-passes, and passes for Romsdalsmuseet must be exchanged for admission-bands at our info desk at Plassen before admission.
Bottles, beverages, food, chairs, animals, alcohol, cameras and umbrellas are prohibited from being brought into our venues.
Admission: 30 minutes before the concert starts. Romsdalsmuseet: 1 hour before the first concert starts.