Privacy Statement

This privacy statement informs about how Moldejazz collects, uses and processes personal information. Moldejazz is subject to Norwegian law, and will comply with the applicable personal data and processing rules at all times. It is voluntary for those who visit the web site to provide personal information regarding services such as receiving newsletters.

The treatment basis is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified. Information collected in connection with site operation is stored on own servers operated by the provider. It is only Moldejazz and subcontractor who has access to the information collected.

You will find more information about privacy and privacy issues on the data protection websites Datatilsynet.

About cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed in your computer when you download a webpage. Cookies are related to your IP address and are not related to other personal information.

Moldejazz does not use cookies to generate statistics, and thus we cannot track your use of the site back to you as an individual. The storage of information and processing of this information is not permitted unless both have been informed and consented of the handling.

The user should know and approve which information is being processed, what the purpose of the handling is and who processes the information. Learn more about managing and cookies on

  • Required Cookies: We use cookies to remember the choices you have made on the site and to increase user-friendliness. These will not be deleted after a completed visit. This allows future visits to the website to be faster and more customized to the visitor. Without these, we cannot guarantee that all functionally on the site is functioning properly.
  • Session-dependent cookies: These are used, for example, to record that a visitor is on the website. These are deleted after completion of the visit.
  • Third-party information capsules: These are cookies from another domain. These are used to obtain visitor statistics to improve the user experience of the page. Google Analytics is a third-party that a (customer) uses.

Insight, changing and deleting of information

You have the right to be informed by Moldejazz what personal information Moldejazz has registered about you. If they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may require that the information to be corrected or deleted in accordance with applicable law.

Online Statistics

Moldejazz collects anonymous information about visitors to [ENGELSK]. The tool we use to retrieve such statistics is Google Analytics. The purpose of this is to understand how visitors use our services and how we based on this can improve the user experience and further develop information services on the page. Examples of what the statistics provide is how many people visit the site, which pages are visited, how long the visit lasts, what sites users come from, and what browsers are used.

Read more about Google Analytics here.

Collecting, sharing and use of personal data for ads personalization.

Google Analytics connects information gathered from our visitors to Google-signals from accounts that are logged in to Google products and have agreed to this connection for the sole purpose of ads personalization. This data includes location, search history, Youtube history, and data from websites that partner with Google, about the end user. The data is used to get anonymized insights in user behavior across different devices. The data being collected, can be viewed and/ or deleted by the end user here.

Vi bruker informasjonskapsler (cookies)

Vi bruker informasjonskapsler (cookies)

Som de aller fleste nettsteder bruker vi informasjonskapsler (cookies) for at du skal få en optimal brukeropplevelse.
Vi kommer ikke til å lagre eller behandle opplysninger med mindre du gir samtykke til dette. Unntaket er nødvendige informasjonskapsler som sørger for grunnleggende funksjoner på nettsiden.

Vær oppmerksom på at blokkering av enkelte informasjonskapsler kan påvirke hvilket innhold du ser på siden. Du kan lese mer om bruk av informasjonskapsler i vår personvernerklæring.

Under kan du se hvilke informasjonskapsler (cookies) vi bruker og hvordan du administrerer dem:

Nødvendige cookies

Sikrer grunnleggende funksjoner, nettstedet vil ikke kunne fungere optimalt uten slike informasjonskapsler. Disse er derfor vurdert som nødvendige og lagres automatisk uten foregående samtykke.

Skal du benytte skjema på våre nettsider? Øvrige funksjoner på siden påvirkes ikke dersom du lar være å samtykke, men vil kunne gi mindre funksjonalitet ved utfylling og lagring av skjema. Informasjonen blir slettet fra nettleseren etter 90 dager.

Disse informasjonskapslene gir oss innsikt og forståelse av hvordan nettsiden vår brukes av besøkende. Vi bruker analyseverktøyet Google Analytics som blant annet kan fortelle oss hvor lenge en bruker oppholder seg på siden eller hvilken side man kommer fra. Informasjonen vi henter er anonymisert.

Ved å huke av for denne tillater du bruk av tredjepartsinformasjonskapsler, som gjør at vi kan tilpasse innhold basert på det som engasjerer deg mest. Disse hjelper oss å vise skreddersydd innhold som er relevant og engasjerende for deg, for eksempel i form av annonser eller reklamebanner. Tredjepartsinformasjonskapsler settes av et annet nettsted enn det du besøker, for eksempel Facebook.