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Always week 29 // 15-20 July 2024
Tickets Program
Tickets Program

Ten artists in first announcement for 2024!

Moldejazz is delighted to announce that the following artists are confirmed for the 2024 festival. The lineup spans from American gospel in the Cathedral, to the popular celebration at Romsdalsmuseet, intense blues-rock, Latin American traditional tunes, magnificent vocal performances, and food for psychonauts!

Jimetta Rose
Molde Cathedral 690,- fees incl.

In our contemporary chaotic worldview, filled with suffering and a darkness that steadily encroaches upon our hearts, reminders of our inherent humanity, our capacity for warmth, empathy, and hope, become even more crucial.

One who rings the bell is Jimetta Rose. She is known as a performer, saxophonist, vocalist, and composer, having collaborated with figures such as Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Georgia Anne Muldrow, and Angel Bat Dawid, among many others. Participation in such projects may have been driven by the desire for artistic development. However, in this project, the creative process has been propelled by a need for healing. This is reflected in the music, which strives to be what it conveys.

It is an egalitarian project, and there is a good reason why the music is perceived as healing. The project began as a choir for her local community in Los Angeles. In the process of recruiting vocalists, Rose was more concerned with their interest in healing themselves and others. Therefore, it largely consists of non-professional musicians.

The background speaks to how intention is channeled from one's inner self into something sonorous, something tangible. The songs on what eventually became the album "How Good It Is" (2022) also emerged as part of Rose's own healing through periods of adversity. She found solace in the songs and used them to regulate herself.

On it, Jimetta Rose, along with the gospel choir The Voices of Creation, has created music that reaches back to the roots and extends forward to everything the future holds while undeniably being present in the now. They embrace time.

Musical references bring to mind Pharoah Sanders' "The Creator Has A Master Plan" and its reconciling vigil, but also contemporary RnB and traditional gospel as we know it. Or, to put it in Rose's own words: "It’s new black classical music."

The skeleton of the music is thus recognizable, with unexpected turns here and there. One can almost taste the wood from the church pew and see the colored glass behind the altar and the choir. Likewise, one feels the worries lifting from the chest, becoming insignificant details in this large community.

If you're wondering why you should go to church in July instead of Christmas to hear gospel music, it's because: We need reminders that we are beings of flesh and blood with a need to feel connection, closeness – to belong. Knowing it is not enough; we must feel it. It can't be done from a distance; it requires your presence. The music is created with you as a participant; it must resonate in other souls to come to fruition. You matter.

Leader, vocals: Jimetta Rose
Musical Director: Organ: Jack Maeby

Piano - Brandon Cordoba
Percussion - Allakoi Peete
Vocals - Yohance Wright, Zavier Wise, Tamara Endeley, Khalila Gardner, Gaby Hernandez, Roz Kumari, Tamina Johnson, Aankha Neal, Kam Talbert.

Concerts in our main program typically last between 60 to 90 minutes.
In Alexandraparken, there is an age limit of 18 years from 7:00 PM.

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Anthony Braxton Lorraine Ensemble

Experience Anthony Braxton and his Lorraine Ensemble on the jazz legend's final European tour.

Saxophonist and composer Anthony Braxton has long been one of jazz's great personalities. The year after Moldejazz 2024, he turns 80. Although Braxton is still healthy, active, and creative, he has stated that at that point, he will "retire." This means more composing and less saxophone playing and touring. Understandably, considering the number of instruments he plays; a dozen saxophones from the small and bright sopranino to the two-meter-tall, 20-kilogram heavy bass saxophone, in addition to countless flutes and clarinets. Therefore, it can be reasonably assumed that the Molde concert will be the last opportunity to hear this jazz giant live in Europe.

Such a rich array of instruments ensures that the audience will experience musically varied music when Braxton comes to Molde with his Lorraine Ensemble. Braxton combines jazz improvisation and African-American tradition with modern Western music in a truly unique way. Fragile open sections are juxtaposed against intense microtonal sequences. Anthony Braxton resembles no other musician, and anyone even slightly curious about new advanced sounds and music on the border between jazz and other genres must seize this rare opportunity. Clear out your earwax, stand with open ears and minds, lean back in your chair, and join in on a journey through Anthony Braxton's wondrous musical world. Welcome.

(So yes, I’m in the underground, but actually it feels like home - Anthony Braxton)


Motorpsycho played a legendary concert at Moldejazz in 2018, and now they are finally returning!

Romsdalsmuseet 785,- fees incl.

17:00 Dørene åpner
18:00 Julie Bergan
19:45 Motorpsycho
21:15 Hellbillies

''Motorpsycho spiller singlene!''

Genre-wise, they have truly explored a wide spectrum throughout their career, refusing to limit themselves. The band has ventured into everything from psychedelia to prog rock, orchestral rock, and heavy metal, flirting with free jazz, improvisational music, noise, pop, country, and much more. They have never hidden the fact that their own musical interests span a broad range, and they never cease to surprise.

During their almost 35-year career, the band has appeared multiple times on the VG-lista charts in Norway and on charts worldwide. Now, for the first time, they have decided to delight festival-goers in Norway with a career-spanning set consisting exclusively of songs that have been released as singles. This offers the opportunity for both uninhibited, free-spirited dancing and gentle romantic swaying, as they bring forth both newer hits and nostalgic gems from as far back as the 90s in a beautiful union. This promises to be a festive evening for multiple generations of both new and old Psychonauts!

The odds are actually quite good that there will be a proper sing-along chorus now and then, for when Motorpsycho 'invites you in,' they don't stop until the corners of your eyes are moist, sweat is beading, and the best Norwegian rock ever made has been played to completion.

We vividly remember the band's sold-out 2018 concert in Teatersalen - and we know a new e p i c experience awaits.


Hellbillies / Julie Bergan

One ticket - three concerts!

Romsdalsmuseet 785,- fees incl.

17:00 Dørene åpner
18:00 Julie Bergan
19:45 Motorpsycho
21:15 Hellbillies

Torsdag 18. juli blir en allsidig og flott konsertdag på Romsdalsmuseet!

Alexandra Archetti & Steinar Raknes

Alexandra Archetti has been the head of the important music festival Oslo World for several years. Steinar Raknes is a superb bassist (Stillhouse, The Core, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra) and vocalist, drawing full houses throughout the country.

Alexandra Archetti & Steinar Raknes
Molde Cathedral 490,- fees incl.

The married couple Alexandra Archetti and Steinar Raknes have, each in their way, made a strong impact on the Norwegian music scene.

Archetti lost her Argentine father in 2005: "Being multicultural is complex, and one of the most challenging aspects when a parent with roots in another country passes away is figuring out how to preserve one's identity." This question forms the backdrop for her musical debut. Alongside her musician husband, Steinar Raknes, she released the remarkable album "Malena" this year, consisting of 11 unique and personal versions of songs from the Latin American songbook.

We are proud to present this project to our audience during the festival. Singer Archetti conveys with presence and intensity, while bassist Raknes's musicality is just as original and full of vitality as we have come to expect from him. Expect a warming, poignant, and touching concert experience!

Concerts in our main program typically last between 60 to 90 minutes.
In Alexandraparken, there is an age limit of 18 years from 7:00 PM.

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Bobo Stenson trio

The trio's latest album, "Sphere," is no exception, primarily focusing on Scandinavian composers. They interpret everything from Alfred Jansson to Jean Sibelius, always with delicate, attentive, and open collaboration. And with an agreement never to play a song the same way twice.

Bobo Stenson Trio
Storyville (PLASSEN) 395,- fees incl.

The Swedish pianist's piano trio transforms music from all eras and corners of the world into something that always sounds exciting, relevant, and personal.

In a photo from Moldejazz in 1972, one can glimpse the young pianist Bobo Stenson in conversation with fellow pianists Gordon Beck, Horace Parlan, Bengt Hallberg, and Keith Jarrett. The photo, taken by Randi Hultin, is part of the extensive exhibition of images from Moldejazz displayed at Krona last summer. The image sparks thoughts about the importance of the Swedish pianist for both Norwegian and European jazz history.

During the '70s, Stenson was nearly as active on the Norwegian side of the border as in Sweden, and within a decade, he had been a significant contributor to the early releases of the German record label ECM. Perhaps most renowned is the Swedish-Norwegian quartet with tenor saxophonist Jan Garbarek, bassist Palle Danielsson, and drummer Jon Christensen.

Many years later, pianist Bobo Stenson remains as vital and attentive as ever, largely thanks to his exploration of the piano trio format over the years and his ability to use the present moment to create. The distinctive quality of the Bobo Stenson Trio is an extremely responsive interplay and three musicians who complement each other well. Anders Jormin serves as the steady bassist with graceful lines, even in the upper register. Bobo Stenson contributes with his steady tone and unique ability to shape improvisations. Fält's lively drumming brings initiative to the table without fear of steering the music in a new direction.

Mix in a repertoire consisting of original compositions, classical gems, and folk music from around the world, and you have the Bobo Stenson Trio.

Bobo Stenson – piano, Anders Jormin – double bass, Jon Fält – drums.

Concerts in our main program typically last between 60 to 90 minutes.
In Alexandraparken, there is an age limit of 18 years from 7:00 PM.

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Daniel Herskedal & Marius Neset

Tuba player Daniel Herskedal and saxophonist Marius Neset are two of the internationally brightest shining stars in the jazz scene of Norway. With their own groups and collaborations with large orchestras, they perform sold-out concerts and receive ecstatic acclaim from both audiences and the media.

Daniel Herskedal & Marius Neset
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 395,- fees incl.

It's not often that the two find time to play together. Concerts with their own bands and projects, as well as composing, occupy most of their time. Therefore, it's a small event every time they engage in a duo collaboration. Their album "Neck of the Woods," released on the British label Edition Records in 2012, garnered international attention. Back then, they were two young and relatively unknown musicians. Today, both have built international careers and are considered among the foremost practitioners on their respective instruments.

The duo format is open and demanding, yet full of interesting possibilities. These two musicians not only master the format but also creatively exploit its potential. Despite both being virtuoso instrumentalists, they are conscious that musical expression and content are paramount. They offer the audience a wide repertoire ranging from sizzling jazz improvisation to influences from folk music and classical tones. Moldejazz provides the audience with a rare opportunity to experience this unique collaboration between two masters.

Daniel Herskedal: tuba, bass trumpet Marius Neset: saxophones.

Concerts in our main program typically last between 60 to 90 minutes.
In Alexandraparken, there is an age limit of 18 years from 7:00 PM.

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Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe has become known for their modernization and reinterpretation of blues-rock traditions from the American southern states.

Enjoy an unforgettable musical experience as the exceptional duo, Rebecca and Megan Lovell, better known as the Grammy-nominated blues-rock sensation Larkin Poe, take the stage at Alexandraparken for the grand finale of Moldejazz on Saturday, July 20th.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene in Atlanta and currently anchored in the creative hub of Nashville, Larkin Poe has carved out an indelible mark in the world of rootsy blues-rock. The Lovell sisters seamlessly blend their raw, emotionally charged sound with a distinct Southern heritage, creating a unique sonic landscape that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Step into the realm of "Blood Harmony," Larkin Poe's latest masterpiece and a tribute to their skills as singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists. This Grammy-nominated album not only reaffirms their position as pioneers in Southern rock-and-roll but also injects a fresh, forward-looking perspective into the genre. Infused with raw power, their music resonates with authenticity, resonance, and energy.

Larkin Poe is renowned for their electrifying live performances, showcasing not only their musical virtuosity but also a passionately vibrant vitality that leaves audiences spellbound. As multi-instrumentalists and producers, they have curated a critically acclaimed body of work that challenges musical boundaries and demonstrates their unwavering commitment to artistic excellence.

Join us on a transcendental musical festival journey, in the true spirit of Woodstock, as Larkin Poe takes the stage at Moldejazz, weaving together tradition and innovation. We promise an immersive experience that leaves an unforgettable impression on your soul.

Read the concert review from Larkin Poe's performance at Rockefeller in October 2023 at musikknyheter.no (10 out of 10!): "There was headbanging, riffs, and solos galore, and Rebecca Lovell's powerful voice held its peak throughout." "It's hard not to be jealous of their guitar skills." "I just have to give full marks to this powerful band that last night brought their love for the musical traditions of the South to those present at Rockefeller."

Trondheim Voices

Grunnstemmen, lag på lag

Trondheim Voices & Asle Karstad
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 395,- fees incl.

Trondheim Voices is a group of Norway's most outstanding vocalist-improviser-composers in jazz. They have been a regular presence at Moldejazz since their formation in 2001, showcasing both their projects and various collaborations. In recent years, they have collaborated on works such as "Folklore" (2018) and "A World of Daughters" (2020) with Jon Balke, Asle Karstad, and the Trondheim Soloists.

"Bedrock" can be translated to "bedrock" or "rock." It is a solid and stable unit beneath which looser material lies. In the subtitle of the work, there is a reference to the word's literal meaning but also its metaphorical significance—a rock in this renowned, turbulent time. "Something to hold on to, something to lean on." The work explores questions like "What is important now? What do we long for? Where do we find something to lean on, something to hold onto?" It is an overall powerful and immersive concert experience designed for you to see with your ears and hear with your eyes.

"Bilder, scenografi, improvisasjon og komposisjon veves sammen til en sanselig helhet, og skaper et rom hvor vi kan føle forbindelse mellom hverandre og innover i oss selv," they say.

Trondheim Voices is known for using the entire spectrum of the voice and then some to bring their ideas to life. They experiment with sound, visuals, space, and play with our perception to draw the listener into the art. Central to the development of Bedrock has been Trondheim Voices' steadfast ally and secret member, Asle Karstad. Both with his self-developed controller Maccatrol and sound design, which utilizes the entire space and envelops the audience. The striking costumes are created by Moldejazz's festival artist for 2021, Tone Myskja, and everything is tied together by light and video design by Ingrid Høsøien and Oscar Udbye, respectively.

This music can be experienced with the mind, but it must be understood with the entire body – this incredibly intelligent system. We, humans, the world, and time are the loose (looser and looser) masses, flowing by and sometimes enveloping the bedrock. We are susceptible; we can collapse, wash away, dry up, consolidate, perforate, sponge, and crumble. That becomes tactile in Bedrock.

"So I build
Brick by brick
While walls are tumbling"

Composition: Trondheim Voices
Text: Siri Gjære
Sound Design: Asle Karstad
Light Design: Ingrid Skanke Høsøien
Video Design: Oscar Udbye

Concerts in our main program typically last between 60 to 90 minutes.
In Alexandraparken, there is an age limit of 18 years from 7:00 PM.

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