Sold out Håkon Kornstad Concert moved to Molde Cathedral

The concert in the Rådsalen has been sold out for quite some time, but due to the popular demand for tickets, the concert will take place at Molde Cathedral.

The time of the concert, Friday 19 July at 14.00, will be kept and tickets purchased for the Rådsalen venue, are naturally also valid in Molde Cathedral.

With the change of venue, the festival gives far more people the opportunity to experience Håkon Kornstads sensational combination of opera and tenor saxophone – a style in which he's a sole-performer in the world.

His fellow musicians, Frode Haltli on accordion and Mats Eilertsen on bass, are also world-class on their instruments. With this concert in Molde Cathedral, the acoustic setting that the festival wished to present this concert in, is also preserved.
The solo concert with Sigurd Hole will thus be the only concert in the Council Hall this year. It will be a great opportunity to test this arena which we hope to use to a greater extent in the anniversary year 2020.

Please note that no other concerts at this year's festival will be moved or given an extra concert. The concert with Melody Gardot is also sold out. "Klangen av Hoem" – a gala concert for Edvard Hoem on Saturday, July 20, also have a limited number of tickets left.