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Always week 29 // 15-20 July 2024
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Tickets Program

9 nyheter til programmet! Jazz, tradjazz & gospel, pop, RNB & et "Glädjeorkester"

Meson, Emma Steinbakken, Jazzygold, Louisiana Avenue, Bech & Skeidsvoll New Orleans Band med Odd René Andersen, Erling Aksdal & NTNU Jazz Ensemble, Ytre Suløens Jass-Ensemble med Tricia Boutté, Molde Gospel og Gossen Gospel Voices, Artur Bleiken og Hans Jassbeskjed og Amanda Tenfjord er klare for Moldejazz 2023

Flere jazzanmeldere får sitt ønske oppfylt når den ferske Buddy-prisvinneren Elin Rosseland går på scenen i Storyville sammen med Torgrim Sollid og resten av deres nye band Meson fredag 21. juli. Stjerneskuddet Jazzygold og et av landets heteste navn, Emma Steinbakken, inntar SB1 SMN-scenen i Alexandraparken tirsdag 18.juli. Det blir en storslagen jubileumskonsert når Ytre Suløens Jass-Ensemble fyller 50 år og inviterer med seg to gospelkor til Molde Domkirke torsdag 20 juli. Festen fortsetter samme kveld i Alexandraparken med Artur Bleiken og Hans Jassbeskjed og Bech & Skeidsvoll New Orleans band med Odd René Andersen som musikalsk vertskap. Gresk/norske Amanda Tenfjord vil kickstarte fredagskvelden på Romsdalsmuseet og sist, men ikke minst, feires 70-årsjubilanten Erling Aksdal med gjenoppføring av hans bestillingsverk til Moldejazz i 1980.

Emma Steinbakken


She is already a big star known as "Jasmin" in the Faroe Islands. Now Jasmin Mote has decided to achieve international success under the name "Jazzygold"!

Velkommen til Jazzygolds verden!

You may have heard of "Jasmin"? She has given concerts in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and, of course, the Faroe Islands, where she has also won several awards. In Norway, she has been to the Uhørt Festival (2021) and the Sørveiv Festival (2019). To restart her career, the girl with Kenyan roots went to Stockholm where she worked intensely to find her new identity. The result was 10 new songs where she writes honestly and sincerely about everything that concerns her, with lyrics that many young people will recognize. But most importantly, the lyrics blend perfectly with her soul and R&B-influenced pop music.

Jazzygold, as she now calls herself, is coming to Molde with a full band and the brand-new single "Boring Like Me". She will set the mood in Alexandra Park before Emma Steinbakken goes on this Tuesday evening.


This year's Buddy award winner Elin Rosseland in a new band

Two generations of voices meet as good neighbors in the new group Meson, when Elin Rosseland (1959) comes together with Ingeborg Gravem Sollid (2001)

The initiative for Meson came from one of the great profiles of Norwegian jazz life, the musician and pedagogue Torgrim Sollid. He says: - I invited myself, my daughter Ingeborg, Elin Rosseland and the drummer Andreas Wildhagen to the studio. What are we going to do now, eh? Think ahead and listen to each other. You won't get to know more from me. Think ahead and listen to others - if you find something you can build on, use it. If you can't find something you can use, then you have to come up with something else that others can use then and there. Think ahead and listen to each other. (Jazznytt/NTT)

It resulted in the group Meson and an album that came out a short time ago. The quartet appears with an original expression, stripped of electronics, and completely focused on voices and instruments. Salt peanuts.eu summarizes a highly laudatory review as follows: This has become a brilliant collaboration, which should get the 80-year-old Kapellmeister out on the road again. I think hearing this in concert will be a great musical experience. A great release!

Moldejazz has taken Salt Peanuts at their word, and there is every reason to expect a great musical experience!

Ingeborg Gravem Sollid – vocals, Elin Rosseland – vocals, Torgrim Sollid – trumpet, Andreas Wildhagen – drums

Louisiana Avenue

Sweden's best live band throws a party in Alexandraparken!

Louisana Avenue has made people at Moldejazz go crazy before through a series of concerts in Kikkans Hall. The folk festival from New Orleans has taken root in Molde, and now the band is coming to Alexandra Park under the motto "Here we go! Everyone must come!”

Louisiana Avenue is the orchestra of joy that, with its contagious energy, takes you to Mardi Gras without flying a meter from Årø International. Regardless of the place and time, they succeed in taking their audience on a musical journey to the sizzling music life of New Orleans, and it is not uncommon for the evening to culminate in a long carnival train! After the success of Molde in 2019, a number of Norwegian festivals have booked the band, and now they are ready to fill Alexandraparken!

This group saves the public everywhere. The charismatic frontman Pär Stenhammar shines when he leads his eight-man band, when it spreads love and madness through both microphone and megaphone. It is clear that Louisiana Avenue will transfer the inclusive party atmosphere of New Orleans to our home latitudes. "Now we're driving. Everyone must come!” As political parties often say; Everyone joins in here!

"Sweden's best live band!" - Anders Pihl, music magazine LIRA.

"I've never seen this type of energy outside the islands I'm from - definitely not in Sweden!" - Wyclef Jean

Pär Stenhammar – vocals, Hjalmar Leissner – guitar and vocals, Fredrik Dahllöf – drums and vocals, Martin Wilhelmsson – bass and vocals, Bosse Gustafsson – sax and vocals, Leon Falk – trombone and vocals, Toste Solum – trumpet, Philip Neterowicz – keyboards.

Erling Aksdal & NTNU Ensemble

This year, NTNU Jazzlinja's long-standing head of study program Erling Aksdal will be dismissed after having been in service since 1990, all the way back to when the institution was called Trøndelag music conservatory

Erling is a highly respected musician, pedagogue, mentor and organizer, and has been a significant source of knowledge and inspiration for past and present students at Jazzlinja. Last year, during Jazzfest, he was awarded the Norwegian Jazz Forum's Honorary Award for his long-term work for Norwegian jazz as a musician, pedagogue and organizer.

Moldejazz wants to pay tribute to Erling - and what could be better than a concert in collaboration with the current students in the NTNU Jazz Ensemble? In 1980, Aksdal wrote a commissioned concert for the 20th anniversary of Moldejazz, and we have asked him to include music from this concert, which is now performed by the new generation of musicians, together with Erling himself. This new entry is a co-production with Jazzfest with a double premiere as is tradition. This will be a party!

Erling Aksdal - piano, Kertu Aer - double bass, Steinar Bø - drums and percussion, Inga-Mei Steinbru - drums and percussion, Åsne Fossmark - sax, Jenny Kristine Frøysa - sax, Simon Hagerup Holm - sax, Brede Sørum - sax, Erik Egge Jordheim - sax, Tuva Olsson - trumpet, Peter Wallem Anundsen - trumpet, Mikkel Dahl Amundsen - trumpet, Guro Kvåle - trombone, Emil Bø - trombone, Hermann Hestbek - tuba, Ingeborg Gravem Sollid - vocals.

Ytre Suløens Jass-ensemble

Since the 1970s, Suløen has been one of the country's most popular trad bands, and has played almost every year at Moldejazz, in modern times also with its charismatic vocalist Tricia Boutté at the front. Now the band is celebrating 50 years of existence with a big concert in Molde Cathedra

50th-anniversary celebration with two gospel choirs!

When some boys - assisted by a couple of young adults - fifty years ago played for the home crowd for the first time in a tired cafe in Langevåg, they hardly knew that the band they had started fifty years later would play an anniversary concert in Molde Cathedral. YSJE developed at record speed, was brought to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, played at festivals and clubs all over Europe and became a popular attraction both at home and abroad. Today's line-up naturally contains different names than the 1973 version, among other things there are as many Moldensens as Sulamites in the band, but in any case we find an elite in Norwegian traditional jazz gathered here. The unmistakable Suløen sound is very much present, propelled by the incomparable Tricia Boutté from New Orleans.

Together with the celebrants, we will hear two gospel choirs. Gossen Gospel Voices comes from the island of Gossen in Molde's neighboring municipality Aukra, and joins forces with Molde Gospel to form a choir of around 50 singers. Both choirs have previously done various projects, with Adam Douglas, Knut Marius Djupvik, Knut Anders Sørum and others. Conductor Miriam Venås has worked with both choirs for several years, and managed to develop her own sound image, where both a powerful sound and good soloists are prominent. On this particular occasion, Gossen Gospel Voices and Molde Gospel will be led by Gro Merethe Hjertvik.

There is every reason to get your tickets early. While Moldejazz crammed 1,000 people into the church at Suløen concerts a few years ago, the fire regulations have now reduced the audience capacity to just over half.

Sturla Hauge Nilsen - trumpet, Lars Frank - clarinet and tenor sax, Gunnar Bech - trombone and vocals, Morten Gunnar Larsen - piano, David Gald - tuba, Svein Tore Anderson - banjo and guitar, Kristoffer Tokle - drums, Tricia Boutté - vocals

Amanda Tenfjord

Bech & Skeidsvoll New Orleans Band with Odd René Andersen

Steamy traditional jazz and related music characterize the Bech & Skeidsvoll New Orleans Band, which has filled Kikkans Hall previously during Moldejazz. Now even more people will have the opportunity to experience this outgoing band when they are joined by vocalist Odd René Andersen

Skaper stemning i Alexandraparken

Odd René Andersen is a popular singer who has played with a lot of what can crawl and walk in our musical life, from Brazz Bros to Hanne Boel and Ole Edvard Antonsen, and he has "opened" for people like Tina Turner and Joe Cocker. Around 1990, Odd René was about to break through as a hard rock singer in the band Dream Police, before he found himself vocally in a more bluesy, R&B-oriented landscape. That's how we want to hear him in front of B&SNOB in Alexandraparken.

B&S New Orleans Band consists of both young, innovative forces and mature, experienced musicians, with backgrounds from different musical directions, which makes the band a musical collective with many strings to play. Here, music for both body and soul grooves and swings through its own versions of both traditional and modern tunes in the rich New Orleans tradition. As one reviewer writes: "The mix between traditional "Gladjazz", salsa, Cuban rhythms and regular big band elements is extremely successful and it's no mistake when I say that they have, in their own way, reinvented this old and venerable jazz style a bit and for its peculiar use.”

Leiv Skeidsvoll, trumpet and vocals/Peder Skeidsvoll, trumpet/Laurits Lyster Skeidsvoll, tenor sax,/Gunnar Bech, trombone and vocals/Isach Skeidsvoll, piano/Sindre Klykken, bass/Frank Iversen, banjo/Hans-Petter Gyldenskog, drums, Odd René Andersen – vocals.

Artur Bleiken and Hans Jassbeskjed

- celebrates its 50th anniversary with a traditional jazz party in Alexandraparken

In 1973, two traditional jazz bands were started in Møre and Romsdal, both of which are still alive and well. Leading trad musicians in Molde gathered in Artur Bleiken and Hans Jassbeskjed, which most jazz people immediately realized was a Norwegianization of the legendary Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers. On the island of Sula outside Ålesund, Ytre Suløens Jass-Ensemble originated.

Drummer Bjørn Friisvold still keeps things going at Bleiken, while the rest of the crew has naturally undergone changes over the years. The band has always consisted of musicians with a love for traditional jazz, and an ability to convey its values. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary, Bleiken will be visited on stage by former members such as Jan Inge "Mella" Melsæter, and possibly also by some younger forces who often sit in with the band.

Kjell Nyland - trumpet, Sven Bernt Ellingsæter - tenor sax, Gunnar Bech - trombone, Trond Aunan - piano, Erik Jenset - bass, Finn Johansen - banjo and guitar, Bjørn Friisvold - drums

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