We've got the Accessibility mark!

The Accessibility mark is a certification for cultural organisers who have good accessibility for people with disabilities at their events. Moldejazz has a good tradition of catering to those with special needs, and we're very pleased with receiving the Accessibility mark.

Something that's needed by some, will benefit everyone.

Good accessibility is all about inclusion, attitude change, raising awareness, organisational development and reputation management. Nevertheless, research shows that people with disabilities participate less in cultural events, this due to insufficient information on availability and uncertainty about how well events are organised.

Moldejazz has for many years been committed to facilitating and be of assistance to all our guests. You can purchase our designated wheelchair tickets and buy a companion ticket digitally (please note that this requires an attendant's certificate). We organise all our venues as well-thought-out as possible, and our venue hosts go a long way to find good solutions where needed. We also focus on facilitating to you who'd want to join us as volunteers. Read more about the availability of Moldejazz.

Norway's Equality and Discrimination Act is to contribute to the elimination of socially constructed barriers for people with disabilities and prevent the creation of new ones. Equality is regardless of someone's disabilities.

  • Equal opportunities and rights for everyone
  • Increased availability
  • More inclusive
  • More profitable for a cultural organiser with more audience and good reputation