Winner of Spellemannsprisen music awards does Break of day concert in the Reknes park.

Saturday 30. March Marja Mortensson was awarded Spellemannsprisen for her second album «Mojhtestasse- Cultural Heirlooms». The southern Sami artist is also ready for the traditional Break of day - concert in Reknesparken Friday 19. July.

Marja Mortensson

Southern sami wonder-voice fram 23 year old shooting star in Moldejazz traditional break of day-concert.

Winner of the Spellemann-prize (Norwegian musical award) at sunrise.

She evokes a vocal splendour that should bring listeners from around the world to their knees….so beautiful, so different. These are (our translation of) Audun Vinger in Dagens Næringsliv, on maria Mortensson second album “Mojhtestasse” that came out last year. Just as this is written, the trio behind the album was awarded awarded “Spillemann of the year” in the class of folk- and traditional music.

23 year old Mortensson is from Engerdal in Hedmark and performs Joik in tradition of the Southern Sami people, in a language only spoken by around 1000 people in Norway and Sweden. She is coming to Moldejazz and the break of day-concert, named after Karin Kroghs famous recording. This free concertert, presented by Moldejazz in collaboration with Instead Kraft, in what to sound sleepers could be described as all too early, has become a tradition that every year attracts a large audience to the beautiful open air stage in Reknes-parken. NB! Break of day is at 07.00 as it was last year.

Mortsensson brings Moldes own tuba virtuoso Daniel Herskedal, who colours the joiks with springy counter-voices and digressions, superseded by unisone sequences. The fabulous percussionist Jacob Janssøn from Tromsø is also part of the ensemble. It looks like we will have a big audience in Reknesparken this year too, drinking their morning coffee listening to fascinating music.