Four news for the Mondays Program

Gregory Porter, sPacemonKey feat Stian Westerhus & Ståle Storløkken, Siril Malmedal Hauge and Red Baraat are ready for Moldejazz 2019

It is one of the greates jazz-singers of the world, Gregory Porter,who does the opening concert at Bjørnsonhuset 15 Juli. This years Artist in resinency, drummer Gard Nilssen opens his

string of concerts with a world premiere of an extended version of the band sPacemonKey. Last years recipient of «SpareBank 1 SMN Jazztalent», Siril Malmedal Hauge, gives her thank you with a "pre-opening" in Storyville.

The Brooklyn-based Bhangra-brass band Red Baraat will create an amazing athmosphere from the SpareBank 1 SMN-stage in Alexandraparken.

with theese artists in place, the ground is laid for an exiting opening day of this years festival.

Gregory Porter

This mild is also often described as a friend of Norway. He has given his love to our country, and the love is undoubtfully mutual.

His powerful soft barython is fulkl tpo the brim with soul, and gives assosiations to artists like Donny Hathaway and Bill Withers, but also to the Jazz-singer Nat King Cole.

He interpreted Cole in his last, and critically accklaimed album "Nat King Cole & Me". The album was also nominated for a Grammy as "Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album" in 2019. This says a lot about the wide reach of this artist.

When he visited Moldejazz first in 2015, he shared the stage with Robert Plant at Romsdalsmuseet, and this became a concert for the historybooks. Now he finally returns, and this time in a more intimater setting at Bjørnsonhuset, one that wil suit his music perfectly.

There will be a race to the finish for tickets for what looks to be a perfect opening concert!

Gregory Porter
Bjørnsonhuset 690,- fees incl.

SpaceMonkey with Ståle Storløkken and Westerhus

The starting point for sPacemonKey is improvisation, dance-music and electronika somewhere in the span between free jazz and open Techno.

Two very busy and famous faces in Norwegian Jazz has created a platform for common interest for imprivised Jazz music.
Morten Qvenild is known from In The Country, The National Bank, Solveig Slettahjell Slow Motion Orchestra and Susanna and The Magical Orchestra.
In addition to noumerous creative projects of his own, Gard Nilssen is the drummer everyone wants to play with, wich will be illustrated by his Artist ikn Recidency at Moldejazz.

This time sPacemonKey challenges itself by pulling in two of the most exiting improvisational musicians of our time.
Guitarist Stian Westerhus is setting new standards for how this instrument should sound.
Ståle Storløkken expresses himself just as riveting on an organ as he does on a fingerpiano.
Gard tells us his co-musicians for this project are three of his favourite musicians, who each in their way are reasons to be doing music today.

Moldejazz will host the world premiere for the expanded version of sPacemonKey.
Gards tells us this about the background for the project:
I have alwaysd been facinated by different directions in jazz, and I have done many things within improvisation.
Some bands have stricter limits than others, as to how much is written and composed in preparation,
while some bands i have worked with, like Puma and sPacemonkey almost always have done concerts with no safety-net.
When Morten and I talked about who to invite, it was natural to ask two of the most original, ground-breaking and perceptive musicians whe know of.
Supersilent with Ståle Storløkken has always been my favourite band, while Stian and I have been touring the world for years with the trio Puma.
I think this combination of musicians can be deadly and very interresting. This is a dream come true for me.

Gard continues to say that this will be a concert with few limits and no safety-net.
There might be writen segments, but absulutely no longer partitures.
It will be an exploration of a world where the reckless and sometimes beautiful improvised music of sPacemonkey meets a
disjointed and sometimes clumpy and other times luscious and dansable rythmical world.
There will be sci-fi electronics, elpianos from the 70s, arrpeggio-synths, wild dynamics, drum-machines and drum-kits, friction,
flow, dirty bass, energy, darkness, joy and decay; it will be as if Bladerunner or Stranger Things is part of the orchestra.
With Storløkken og Westerhus, aspects we know from bands like Supersilent, Humcrush, Puma, Westerhus/Endresen og Elephant 9,
will expand sPacemonkeys improvisational and compositional world.

Gard Nilssen – drums, Morten Qvenild – keys, Ståle Storløkken – keys, Stian Westerhus - guitar

SpaceMonkey med Storløkken og Westerhus
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.

Red Baraat

The Brooklyn-based Bhangra-brass band Red Baraat lifted the sky over the Alexandra park when they visited Moldejazz in 2010. The audience where carried away by their riffs, rythms and contagiously good mood.

In 2019, luckily, a second serving is possible. Traditional Bhangra-dans og muic comes from the Punjab region, reaching into both India and Pakistan, Red Baraat is of course no traditional Bhangra-band.

They have made an expression genuinely their own, where elements of jazz, brass, funk- and raw punk-energy is melted together into a danse-inflicting elixire. The band was formed and is lead by dhoul-practitioner Sunny Jain.

Their newest album "Sound the people" was released in June 2018 and took to the top ten on best-seller-lists over world music in Europe.

The indie-rock web-site Stereogum wrote "The album is full of moments that hits you with the power of a spiritual awakening" - No less!

Look foreward to a frenzy of an opening day at the SpareBank 1 SMN-stage in Alexandraparken!

OBS: Change of concert-time from last year. The concert starts at 22.00, the doors open at 19.00.

Alexandraparken (18+) 450,- fees incl.
19:00 Dørene åpner
22:00 Red Baraat

Siril Malmedal Hauge

During last years Moldejazz Siril Malmedal was appointed the acclaimed title "jazz-talent of middle-Norway" by «SpareBank 1 SMN Jazztalent», and now the prize-concert is coming.

The Sula-born singer has not been resting on her laurels: She is active in ceveral projects, among others one with the established guitarist Jacob Young and their release "Last things". The largest piece of work still remains her debut as a solo-artist, «Uncharted Territory», that released 1. february on Jazzland Recordings.

The music is a perfect blend of pop-energy and accessible jazz in a singer-songwriter tradition flush with melodic freshness. Here are many different athmospheres, variations of light and shadow, but there is always a basic tone of something happy in every song. The record has recieved wonderful reviews is the norwegian press.

Terje Mosnes writes for jazzinorge: "together with her formidable crew, the singer songwriter (.....) lands her ambitious project softly and steadily, and reigns the foreign domain in (and with) a convincing set." And Aftenposten follows: An element becoming more and more evident is her versatility and naturally she finds the essence of a song. She cathes its distinctive features and shapes them in her own image.

The concert at Moldejazz is with a full band including strings. It is only right for one of the gretest vocal talents of the country to be the one to "pre-open" the festival in Storyville Monday 15. July at 16.00

Martin Myhre Olsen - saxophones, Torgeir Hovden Standal - guitars, Kjetil André Mulelid - piano, organ, Martin Morland - bass, Henrik Lødøen - drums, Adrian Waade - violin, Isa Caroline Holmesland - viola, Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen - cello

Siril Malmedal Hauge
Storyville (PLASSEN) 300,- fees incl.