New varied artist release!

Daniel Herskedal - Voyage

The magnificent timbre and punch Daniel Herskedal has developed with his tuba, from his debut with tre trad-band Dixi, has established the moldensian as a leading instrumentalist internationally. Witth a box-fresh record in his luggage, and one of his big sources of inspiration as a travel companion, Oud-player Maher Mahmoud, it is only natural for Moldejazz to take him back for a concert in the cathedral where he had great success with «Slow eastbound train» in 2015

Powerful music in the cathedral

Daniel comes to Molde cathedral with his regular ensemble – and in addition the faboulous syrian Oud-player Maher Mahmoud. Viola-player Bergmund Waal Skaslien, percussionist Helge Norbakken and pianist Eyolf Dale, completes a rich ensemble that can evoke tones and atmospheres from the fervently beautiful to the dramatic and powerful. The music has a distinct flavour of the middle east, but inspiration from other parts of the world also play into a rich musikal expression.

Daniels new release on british Edition Records is called Voyage. This is starting point of much of what we will hear in the cathedral. The album is released in March, and writes in their review: «Herskedal is a musician and composer of extraordinary ability who is pushing the boundaries of his instrument to the limit. Voyage emerges as Daniel’s definitive statement so far, merging awe-inspiring beauty with a refreshingly original sound. The music is supremely melodic, tinged with rythmical flare and bvibrant colors»

This smells like a home-team-win in the cathedral Friday night in the cathedral.

Daniel Herskedal: Tuba and bass trumpet
Bergmund Waal Skaslien: Viola
Eyolf Dale: Piano
Helge Norbakken: Percussion
Guest: Maher Mahmoud: Oud

Daniel Herskedal - Voyage
Molde Cathedral 490,- fees incl.

Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan Duo / Guest appearance by Gard Nilssen

This will be a celebration of the label EMC, wich Moldejazz has collaborated with for years. Among other things the founder og the label himself, Manred Eicher, visited us at the 40-years celebration of the label. In may 2019 the duo will finish a new record on EMC and Moldejazz is proud to host its festival premiere on 20. July!

1. May 2019 the duo has a new record ready on EMC and Moldejazz is proud to host the festival-premiere 20. July.

Two years ago the duo Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan released the live-record “Small Town” on EMC, the renowned German label soon to be 50 years in business. Frisell has a rich history of releases on the label with has collaborated closely with many norwegian jazz-musicians, and who has frequently used the services of sound-magician Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studios in Oslo. «Small Town», recorded at Village vanguard in New York, has received wonderful reviews and the record has been described as: “sweet delicately vibrating guitar tremolo over bone dry bass. Two expressive instruments playing plays exactly what is needed to fill an susceptive Village Vanguard. It is sentimental, beautiful and toned down, but with an inherent passion and power few other musicians can match. A musical nakedness, and intimacy, wich the two handle magnificently.”

Frisell is one of the musical paragons of Gard Nilssen, this years artist in recidence. Gard will be playing drums towards the end of the concert with Frisell and Morgan. This will be a very special experience both for Gard, and for those who find their way to Teatret Vårt this evening.

Bill Frisell – guitar, Thomas Morgan – bass, guest appearance : Gard Nilssen - drums.

Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan Duo + guest appearance by Gard Nilssen
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 470,- fees incl.


The music: It sounds compact, vehement and dense with athmosphere. It proudly carries inspiration from everything from Bach and contemporary jazz, film-music and rock. Both the album and the concerts of the trio has more than lived up to their reputation they have gained with time.

Scandinavian supergroup!

When the Trio Rymden recently released their debut-album we are talking about a pre-announced success. The norwegian-swedish trio had already been on the cover of the English magazine Jazzwise and played concerts on several big stages and festivals without many of us having had the opportunity to hear them.

Rymden is Bugge Wesseltoft, and the living members of est. - Esbjørn Svenssen Trio - the rhythm section Magnus Öström and Dan Berglund. Wesseltoft is one of the most innovative and best-selling jazz artists we have in our barren land - most renowned for his groundbreaking bad “New conception of jazz”. The Swedish est. had a soaring career until it suddenly stopped when Svensson died in a tragic diving-accident. Both projects toured the world, and defined a new fresh sound - with large openings for experimenting and innovative thinking. Wesseltoft has been, and still is, an important actor in modernising Scandinavian jazz music. Esbjørn Svensson Trio was the first band to play venues as diverse as rock- and jazz clubs, classical concert houses and on the biggest stages at festivals around the world. The result was an international movement that inspired and inspires generations to come. After many years of solo-, duo-, and bigger group projects Wessltoft has been wanting to do a piano-trio, and that he found Östrem and Berglund must be called a strike of luck.

The music of Rymden is based on three elements: melancholic and atmospheric music-writing, ramatically charged rhythms, and high class virtuose jazz-playing. One thing is for sure: The temperature will be at boling point when Rymden is on stage at this years festival.

Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 470,- fees incl.

Louis Cole Big Band

Drummer and producer Louis Cole has made himself noticed all over the world in recent years, as one half of electric jazz duo KNOWER.

The distinct music of Cole gives us everything from energetic electro-jazz to silky smooth west coast vocal - and it sounds as much like sonic-funk as it sounds like Prince or Beach Boys.

In later years the artist has focused more on his solo-career. This resulted in the the record “Time” in 2018. The record was released by the very respectable record label Brainfeeder in collaboration with greats like Thundercat and Brad Mehlau, among others.

When Louis Cole now is doing concerts with the record, he has chosen the direct opposite of boring with his computer and a keyboard controller. He is going all in with a full big-band, and Coles role in the concert is really doing everything. It is just as as natural to see him leading the band, as seing him on keys, singing or playing drums in a fervent groove. According to those who have sen the project live, this is some of the most crazy and cool in this years program. In others words; what else is there to do, than to get your ticket and prepare to enjoy the music and performance of one of the most innovative artists on the American west coast.

«A jazz-literate multi-instrumentalist making harmonically complex R&B, Cole can be compared to Jacob Collier» – Uncut (8/10)

Alexandraparken (18+) 450,- fees incl.
19:00 Dørene åpner
23:00 Konsertstart Louis Cole Big Band
00:30 DJ

Susanna - Go Dig My Grave

Susanna Wallumrød, has under the artistic name Susanna and with Susanna and the Magical Orchestra made deep imprints in many listeners and in the music scene of Norway since the debut in 2004. She has made a place for herself in the in our musical canon, somewhere between folk music, pop, jazz and art-music. She has collaborated with Jenny Hval, Stian Westerhus, Ensemble neoN and Led Zeppelins bass player John Paul Jones.

"Wondrous, haunting bunch of covers from Norwegian singer” 8/10 Uncut Magazine

She has made 12 albums, and gained three national musical awards (“Spellemannsprisen”) so far. Theese days she is releasing her 13. album.

As an artist he has appeared to be fearless in all her choices. She has induced goosebumps in her original interpretations of everything from Dolly Parton to ACDC - songs few others has dared to tackle. “Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos” from 2007 was the first one containing only Susannas own songs. Curiously enough one of her most sworn fans, American singer, songwriter and actor Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy, released his own new re-recorded version of the album last year. 

Susanna and Baroque harpist Giovanna Pessi released ‘If Grief Could Wait’ with ECM in 2011. On the album the two interpret Purcell, Cohen, and Susannas own music. This remarkable album mixed music from the baroque, singer/songwriters from the 70´s and newer music. The project also did the evocative final concerts in Molde Cathedral at Moldejazz 2012 - a concert people still talk about.

In 2019 Susanna and her musicians will close the festival in the same place. Pessi and Susanna resumed their collaboration with the album “Go Dig My Grave” in 2018. Together with the young accordion-player Ida Løvli Hidle and fiddle player and folk-singer Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen (Valkyrien), they interpret old and new songs: gloomy blues from old 78-records, baroque music and no less beautiful-solemn new songs. Always at the centre is Susannas very communicative voice and expression, sometimes giving associations to female artists like Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins and other times to the experimental operatic Klaus Nomi. The album “Go Dig My Grave” was by many described as a new pinnacle in Susannas career and we can guarantee an evocative and moving experience in Molde cathedral.

Susanna - Go Dig My Grave
Molde Cathedral 490,- fees incl.

Adam Douglas

He filled our big outdoor-venue Alexandraparken to the brim last year and there is no doubt that the success will be repeated when he guests Moldejazz again in July this year.

Last years favourite of the park returns!

In 2017 Adam Douglas went from being a cherished name for all music-lovers with an ear bent towards funk and blues – to be everyones darling when he won «Stjernekamp» on NRK1. (Musical talent showe on Norwegian TV) With his incredible voice, sympathetic nice-guy appearance he has reached an audience far outside the borders of his genre.

NB! Change of concert-time from last year: The concert starts 20.00. Doors open at 19.00

He arrives at this years festival with a fresh album acclaimed by the critics: «The beauty and the brawn», produced by star guitar-player Geir Sundstøl, and not least with a well tuned band after hefty touring this year.

Before «Stjernekamp» Adam Douglas had an extensive career behind him spanning 17 years as a professional artist on both sides of the atlantic. Adam is born and rased in Oklahoma, but at the moment he is living in Hdeland, Norway. Norwegian critics did’t spare the superlatives when his debut album ”I May Never Learn” was released in 2015. He had great success with the song "I Once Was An Honest Guy" from the same album wich, among other things, was liste don NRK P1. (Norwegian national broadcast radio)

The mild mannered man from Oklahoma is a firework on stage, and we are really looking foreward to have him back at the SpareBank1 SMN-stage i Alexandraparken.

Alexandraparken (18+) 450,- fees incl.
19:00 Dørene åpner
22:00 Konsertstart Adam Douglas
23:30 DJ

Maria Kannegaard Trio

They released four critically acclaimed records between 2000 and 2008 where the pianoplaying is described as extraordenairily gifted and with an ability to really affect and move.

Maria Kannegaard er en Danbish-born pianist who started her trio with fellow jazz-students, Mats Eilertsen (later to be replaced by Ole Morten Vågan) and Thomas Strønen.

Maria Kannegaard is a danish-born pianist who started her trio with fellow jazz-students Mats Eilertsen (Later to be replaced by Ole Morten Vågan) and Thomas Strønen.

Ole Morten Vågan is one of the most important bass-players on the jazz map of Norway, known firstly for his work with Jazzorkester. Drummer Strønen also is world-class, not least with his projects like Time is a Blind Guide. This comp has an edge!

Maria Kannegaard is seen as one of the really great pianists of Scandinavia in our time, with a unique signature ti her playing and her compositions. Kannegaards Trio has’t been active for a while, but when it starts moving again, and new recordings are leaked, jazz-norway listen attentively. Something legendary is in brewing for Moldejazz this year.

Maria Kannegaard – piano, Ole Morten Vågan – double bass, Thomas Strønen - drums

Maria Kannegaard Trio
Storyville (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.


In the mid 19190s The New York Times named Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart the best organ trio this decade – and since then they have been one of the trios who has truly developed the genre with its solid contibrution.

World class organ trio!

Their last recording «Toy tunes» shows a trio still exploring the quiet but still intricate and deep interplay between them decade after decade. And we are speaking about three musicians each in the absolute world elite.

Organist Larry Goldings has been an attractive co-player on the american scene in later years and has played with everything from James Taylor to John Scofield. Drummer Bill Stewart is close something of a drumming legend, perheps most widely known asd a drummer for Chris Potter and for Maceo Parker. Guitarist Peter Bernstein was once described by his teacher Jim Hall as one of the most impressive guitarists he had ever heard.

Luckily for us it is perhaps exactly in this trio theese musicians are at their very best. This afternoon in Storyville will let us hear a swinging set of organ-jazz from what may be the best organ trio in the world.

Storyville (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.

Håkon Kornstad Trio

Håkon Kornstad has laid the world at his feet with his unique combination of virrile jazz on his tenor sax, and his heartfelt tenor. This year he brings his trio to Moldejazz and Rådsalen.

- A musical sensation. (Dagens Næringsliv)

The venue is new to the festival, and it is of course to small with regards to the interest for this group. To give a very special experience to the group and those who do get a place in the room with them the performance is set in a very intimate venue with remarkable acustic conditions. It will be a bit like when Moldejazz booked Tommy Flanagan trio in the small HotHat-basement where a limited group of audience got to experience a legendary jazz-pianist up close.

Håkon Kornstad had his debut as a tenor singer in the Mozart-opera «La finta giardiniera» in 2012. Little more than a month earlyer he was nominated for «spellemannsprisen» (Norwegian music award) for jazz record of the year.

Kornstad has developed a genre he is liklely to be all alone with in the world, where the jazz-saxophonist with a unique tone and control meets a warm, beautiful and liberal lyrical tenor alternating between italian audacity and nordic restraint.

Avantgarde-minstrel Frode Haltli and rock solid Mats Eilertsen are both masters of their instruments. They are integrated parts of an unique ensemble where opera arias and beautiful ballads are replaced by improvised streches. This will be a concert for classical- and opera-lovers as well as the jazzcrowd and for those who didn’t think they liked any of the two. Experience bliss at Rådsalen – it will be a moment shared with others very close to you – and leave for the summer day after it, whisteling a familiar tune.

Kornstad has been to Molde both before and after his somng/sax brake-through with his album «Tenor battle» but on establishing a new trio, and their album last year «Im Treibhaus» loved by the international corps of critics- we just had to have him back again.

Håkon Kornstad - song/tenor sax, Frode Haltli - accordeon, Mats Eilertsen – double bass.

Håkon Kornstad Trio

Sigurd Hole - "Elvesang"

«The songs are beautiful, the sense of timing and drama is great, - and his playing, with laser-aim intonation and veiled light cluds of overtones, is lavish» Jazznytt

Riversongs in Rådsalen.

We are very proud of this years new creation: a series of concerts in the newly renovated Rådsalen, the chamber music room at Kulturskolen.

In beautiful and unique sorroundings, we will present exclusive intimate and distinct musikal experiences demanding another kind of acustics than what a club venue or a theatre can offer.

First in the series is a solo-concert with Sigurd Hole, probably one of the busiest bass-players on the Norwegian jazz-scene this decade. After a long row of collaborations and releases with bands like, among others, Eple Trio, Jon Eberson, Karl Seglem, Helge Lien, Eli Storbekken and Tord Gustavsen, he debuted in 2008 with no less than two releases in his own name: the trio-album «Encounters» (withJarle Vespestad and Håkon Aase), and his solo double bass - album «Elvesang» wich he is bringing to Rådsalen and Moldejazz.

«Elvesang» recieved wonderful reviews around the world, as in The New York Times. John Kelman critic for, described «Elvesang» as «an album of profound beauty» and included the record in his «best of 2018» list. (Including greats like Bill Frisell, Jakob Bro og King Crimson) and the american magazine The New York City Jazz Record listed «Elvesang» under TOP 5 Best Solo Recordings of 2018.

Sigurd Hole - Solo
Rådsalen 380,- fees incl.


JUNO is yet an example that the Jazz programme in Trondheim - wich is fourty years old this year – builds bridges between genres!

Full speed upwards!

This outgoing and convincing quintette brings its engaging presence and captivating music all the way past the physical limts of the stage. Their music is a delightful mix of loopsided pop and delicious jazz, with a clear and dancable beat! We assosiatie the sound with Hanne Hukkelberg, Emilie Nicolas og Highasakite, a landscape of rythmically motivated and organical exchange, where complexity and catychy playfulness is sombined.

JUNO is heading upwards at full steam and after playing Nordic Showcase at Oslojazz last year, they will be at festivals such as Trondheim Calling, Bodø Jazz Open, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Tromsø Jazzfestival and Vinterjazz in Århus. Their debut album was recorded in September last year and nor Norway is keenly awainting its release.

Thea Ellingsen Grant – vocal, Malin Dahl Ødegård – vocal, Mona Krogstad – tenor saxophone, Georgia Wartel Collins – double bass, Ingvald Vassbø - drums

Storyville (PLASSEN) 300,- fees incl.