Government support for the national jazz documentation center in Molde

The committee on Family and Cultural Affairs has issued the following budget announcement in association with the State Budget for 2021:

The committee acknowledge that jazz has been - and is - an important cultural carrier and form of music. Jazz helps break down barriers between people of different backgrounds. Norwegian jazz has for many years played an important role in jazz worldwide.

The position that Norwegian jazz has achieved can be attributed, among other things, to the fact that our leading jazz festivals, such as Moldejazz and Kongsberg jazz, for many decades have brought the world's leading jazz musicians to Norway and created meeting places and arenas for musicians. Norwegian jazz has become an important export industry.

The committee know that Moldejazz have presented plans for a national documentation center for Norwegian jazz in collaboration with NTNU Trondheim. These members also note that the plans have received broad support from, among others, the Norwegian Jazz Forum.

The committee points out that Kongsberg Jazz Festival collaborates with Universitet i Sørøst Norge (the University of Southeast Norway) on the project: «Kapasitetsbygging og bruk av eventer til bærekraftig steds- og næringsutvikling» (Capacity building and use of events for sustainable local- and business development) We look forward to the result of the work on how events, local and national trade and other industries can strengthen their competitions through such events.

- We are very grateful for the support that the budget commentary entails, it contributes greatly to the project with the national jazz documentation center in Molde and gives it momentum in the future, says festival director Hans-Olav Solli. He adds that it is especially nice that there is a unanimous committee behind the comment. - All parties have contributed, says Solli who wants to send a special thank you to the initiator Carl-Erik Grimstad from Venstre (the Liberal Party), as well as Høyres (The Conservative Party) Helge Orten, Torgeir Dahl and Kristin Ørmen-Johnsen, the latter is chairman of the Family and Culture Committee.