Moldejazz Legacy Concert

Sometimes more than others, a concert at Moldejazz can point back to a memorable moment in our festival's history. In the anniversary year, we're paying these concerts a little extra attention and have labelled them «Legacy Concerts».

Molde International Jazz Festival, better known as Moldejazz, has a rich history. Since the beginning back in 1961, approximately 12.000 musicians have played here and nearly all of the biggest jazz stars have stopped by in the time the festival has existed.

This means that every year there are several concerts where you can feel as if you're pulled back to a previous concert with the same artist or where one of the musicians in the band has been involved. Sometimes a concert can give a hint to a particularly memorable moment in our history or a significant concert.

For instance, take a look at Charles Lloyd, the saxophone legend who performed at Moldejazz already in 1966. His quartet played at Molde Cinema and at that time, in addition to himself, it consisted of a young Keith Jarret on piano, Cecilie McBee on bass and Jack DeJohnette on drums. These are musicians who've left huge footprints in modern jazz and among others is Keith Jarret today considered by many to be the world's foremost jazz pianist.

It's thus only natural for the Charles Lloyd concert in our jubilee year 2020, to be labelled a «Legacy Concert».