Gala Concert for Edvard Hoem!

"Klangen av Hoem" is a gala-concert for Edvard Hoem, 70 years.
Edvard Hoem, one the most conspicous writers of our time, is celebrated by Moldejazz with a festive concert at Bjørnsonshuset on the final day of the festival.
At the centre of a group of celebrated musicians is singer Ine Hoem and composer Erlend Skomsvoll who have made new arrangements for songs by Hoem.

The sound of Hoem - a gala concert for Edvard Hoem 70 år.

"Klangen av Hoem" - a gala concert for Edvard Hoem 70 år
Bjørnsonhuset 690,- fees incl.