John Zorn – Artist in Residence 2020

A true musical feast of our time. An organ trio, string ensembles, guitar heroes, Norwegian contributions, church organs, jazz pianists and much more are ingredients in our Artist In Residence, John Zorn's adventurous and thrilling week in Molde.

John Zorn; saxophonist, composer, activist, bandleader – a true leading force in today's music visits Moldejazz 13–18 July as this year's Artist in Residence. We're proud to present a programme packed with marvellous musicians performing Zorn's compositions.

From Monday onwards, people can catch a variety of ensembles – with Zorn playing in several of them – performing a musical feast which includes a variety of different expressions. Zorn's given each day its own theme during his residency. Please follow the links below for more info on each concert:

The first day of the festival, Monday 13 July, he's named Renaissance Inspiration (Shakespeare, The Tarot).

The day will present the concert Midsummer Moon in Molde Cathedral with guitarists Julian Lage and Gyan Riley, as well as the piano trio, The Hierophant at Storyville.

Tuesday’s theme is Masada Music, which includes the Masada String trio in the Town Hall and The New Masada Quartet at our venue, Storyville.

Wednesday is the Bagatelles Marathon – the big super day with 30 musicians in action at the concerts Bagatelles Marathon part 1 and part 2 in Teatret Vårt.

Thursday's theme is Organ Music. Here we hear B3 organist, John Medeski, with the trio Simulacrum at Storyville, as well as Zorn performing at the organ in Molde Cathedral his work The Hermetic Organ.

Friday and Saturday are called Zorn Selected part 1 and Zorn Selected part 2 respectively, where he has curated a programme with Norwegian bands he fancies. We'll come back with more details on this later.