First release for 2019!

Marcus Miller, Joshua Redman – Still Dreaming, Henry Threadgill – Zooid, Madrugada, Bushman’s Revenge feat Per «Texas» Johansson and Anja Lauvdal, Fred Hersch Trio, Gåte, Luke Elliot and Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity feat Ambrose Akinmushire are all confirmed for Moldejazz 2019.

Marcus Miller Laid Black Tour 2019

The stage is set for a real celebration of a concert when jazz-funk-bass king Marcus Miller returns to Molde. In 1997 he made a sensation at the festival with the project "Legends" with David Sanborn, Eric Clapton, Joe Sample and Steve Gadd. It was also sold out and great atmosphere last time he visited the festival and Bjørnsonhuset in 2013.

- Super Bassist is back!

Super Bassist Miller has a large and devoted audience and has during more than thirty years on the musical field played with artists like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Eric Clapton , recently deceased Aretha Franklin, Elton John and Bryan Ferry - to name just a few. All in all, he has collaborated in more than 500 albums, both as a musician, producer and arranger. Over the past twenty years, he has had a very successful career as a solo artist, and in March he released a critically acclaimed new album "Laid Black", with the legendary Blue Note label, where fusion, funk, soul and jazz come together to form a potent musical brew. Miller is a living legend and never disappoints. This is guaranteed to be a great experience.

Marcus Miller / Laid Black Tour 2019
Bjørnsonhuset 690,- fees incl.

Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

In 1979, Joshua Redman's father Dewey played at Moldejazz with legendary "Old and New Dreams Band", the group which of course has inspired "Still Dreaming" in terms of name, instrumental composition and music. The spirited jazz artist influenced by Ornette Coleman's groundbreaking music has received a new update with the quartet Joshua Redman presents this year.

40 years after Dewey Redman played at Moldejazz with "Old and New Dreams", son Joshua is dreaming on ..

The last time Redman visited Moldejazz, he performed a duo concert that has become almost legendary, with Ola Kvernberg as a partner in a remarkable performance at Teatret Vårt. The concert resulted in the collaboration continuing with extensive Norway Tour and concerts at major festivals abroad. Moving to Molde this time, the saxophone master has trumpeter Ron Miles, bassist Scott Colley and drummer Dave King on his ensemble.

Dewey senior played a lot with Ornette Coleman, but when Coleman parted ways in search of an electrical expression, Redman gathered former Coleman fellow players to Old and New Dreams. The band made several critically acclaimed albums for ECM and toured the world with great success, including Moldejazz in 1979 and 1982. Joshua Redman continues the musical legacy of both his father and Ornette through "Still Dreaming". You must give this band a listen, for as John Fordham in Guardian writes:

This is a supergroup at work, but - as with Coleman's own bands and Old and New Dreams themselves - they never sound like they are trying to make an issue out of that.


Joshua Redman, Saxophone/ Ron Miles, Trumpet / Scott Colley, Bass / Dave King, Drums

Teatret Vårt Thursday 18 July at 8pm

Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 470,- fees incl.

Henry Threadgill - Zooid

Henry Thredgill is highly regarded by jazz connoisseurs, saxophonist, flutists and composers all over. He can be described as both a key person and a true original in modern music.

- Pulitzer Prize winner's only concert in Europe in 2019!

The New York Times has described him as "perhaps the most important jazz composer of his generation". In 2016, as the third jazz artist ever, he received the prestigious Pulitzer award for the album "In for a Penny, In for a Pound" with the band he brings to Molde; Zooid.

Henry Threadgill is from Chicago and studied at the American Conservatory of Music. He was very active in the important avant-garde environment of the city in the early sixties where he became an early member of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) and collaborated with Muhal Richard Abrams. Later, he recorded with Anthony Braxton, Bill Haswell, Roscoe Mitchell, Sly & Robbie and many more. In 1979, he debuted with his own band and afterwards he formed a series of own groups where experimentation with unusual instrumentation and music from other genres and the world's corner has been distilled to something surprising, distinctive and new. He has also composed music for orchestra, chamber music ensembles and theater. The band Zooid was formed in the early 2000s, and has been one of his most successful and critically acclaimed groups. Henry Threadgill tours only a little and performs at selected concerts, so we are very proud to present the only concert in Europe for 2019 with one of the most exciting jazz composers and the creative performances of his band.

Henry Threadgill - Zooid
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 470,- fees incl.


Is this Norway's most eagerly anticipated musical comeback? For many, Madrugada was no less than Norway's best band during the period between 1999 and until the 2008 split.

Most Awaited Comeback!

Madrugada signed its first record contract in the summer of 1998, and the debut album "Industrial Silence" that came the following year went straight to the top of VG list. The album still stands as one of the most iconic Norwegian rock albums ever. During their career, Madrugada released five studio albums and won as many Spellemann prizes. In addition, Sivert Høyem has been awarded Spellemann several times as a solo artist. Romsdals Budstikke awarded 6 stars for his solo concert at the Romsdalsmuseet when he was here in 2014.

The comeback marks the 20th anniversary of debut album and also brings together the band's original drummer Jon Lauvland Pettersen who is on stage together with the other original members Sivert Høyem and Frode Jacobsen. In addition, the band is accompanied by Cato Thomassen and Christer Knudsen from Høyem's solo project. Hits like "Majesty", "Lift me", "The kids are on high street", "Hands up" and "I love you" have earned Madrugada fans of all ages and demographics. Get ready for a historical, nostalgic and intoxicating experience at the Romsdalsmuseet!

Romsdalsmuseet 795,- fees incl.
17:00 Dørene åpner
18:00 Luke Elliot
19:30 Gåte
21:30 Madrugada

Acoustic Unity feat. Ambrose Akinmusire

If one is to find a heartchild among the versatile drummer’s work, then it may be his own band Acoustic Unity.

Artist In Residence drummer Gard Nilssen undoubtedly has many irons in the fire, and that variation will be visible in the 2019 program.

Since their debut with the Clean Feed label in 2015, the band has worked a lot together, and regularly performed in the US and Europe. They have eventually become one of the most interplayable ensembles in recent years. The band's first album "Firehouse" was nominated for Spellemann here in Norway in 2016, and the album "Live in Europe" got critical acclaim from both Norwegian and international press.

To make the trio's interaction and music a step further at this year's festival, it has become clear that the American trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire was high on Gard's wish list over current collaboration. And putting one of the world's most exciting trumpeters on the same scene as Gard's band isn’t something we can say no to. It is in fact a meeting of two of this generation's foremost musicians - two performers who both from each side of the stage can lead the way into exploratory and creative scenery in Storyville.

Ambrose Akinmusire - trumpet

Other Truth - Scissors

Peter Eldh - double bass

Gard Nilssen - drums

Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity feat. Ambrose Akinmusire
Storyville (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.

Bushman's Revenge

Power trio Bushman's Revenge with guitarist Even Helte Hermansen and bassist Rune Nergaard are highlighted by this year's AIR, drummer Gard Nilssen, as one of his most important projects.

- Power-trio with exciting guest artists!

The band started in 2003 and has released nine records so far - most of them on Rune Grammofon label. The trio has in many ways been Gard’s skole, they were all in their early twenties when they started. The band has since day one has had a firm grasp on the concert atmosphere and the audience on both sides of the Atlantic. They have been described as a missing link between Albert Ayler and Black Sabbath and as a Marshall amplifier version of John Coltrane's Interstellar Space. Bushman's Revenge has simply helped to revitalize the focal point between rock and jazz. With his latest album "Jazz, fritt etter hukommelsen" the band surprised its audience by going into a more meditative and hushed direction. They want to continue following this direction at the exclusive concert at the Molde Jazz with an expanded lineup including brilliant Swedish saxophonist Per "Texas" Johansen and eternally creative Anja Lauvdal (Musk, Bridge, Finity, Pest).

Bushman's Revenge m. gjester
Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.

Fred Hersch Trio

"The most innovative jazz pianist in the last ten years", wrote Vanity Fair about Fred Hersch.

After many attempts, Moldejazz has finally succeeded in getting Fred Hersch. One of today's great pianists, who is finally getting the attention he deserves, since he was chosen as Jazz Pianist of the year both in 2016 and 2018 by the Jazz Journalists Association.

Despite numerous Grammy nominations, dozens of solo, duo and trio format albums as well as prestigious prizes, Fred Hersch is still quite unknown in Norway. Also in the United States it took time before he got a name, and his autobiography was aptly called "Good things happen slowly" (Random House). The Biography tells of his life as a musician, his struggle as a young Jew in his birthplace Cincinnati and as an openly gay HIV positive jazz musician. It was honored as "One of Five Best Memoirs of 2017" by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

But gradually things have started to happen. A duo album with guitarist Julian Lage got a rare five-star (highest rating) in Down Beat. His regular trio with bassist John Hébert and drummer Eric McPherson became # 2 Jazz Group of 2018 in the Down Beat Critics Poll. Now Fred Hersch and his trio come to Moldejazz.

What can we expect to hear from the trio? Music from the intense and virtuoso to the quietly lyrical, performed by a band that has held together for ten years and developed an intuitive, almost telepathic interaction.


Fred Hersch, Piano

John Hérbert, Bass

Eric Mc Pherson, Drums

STORYVILLE, Thursday 18 July at 16

Fred Hersch Trio
Storyville (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.


Gåte is a band truly unparalleled!

- Magnificent and genre-crossing!

Siblings Sveinung and Gunhild formed Gåte when Gunhild was only 14 years old! With its powerful and magnificent mix of folk and rock, and not least with Gunhild's amazing and distinctive voice in front, 2002's "Jygri" became an instant favorite for both audiences and reviewers. It became the first place on the VG list, Spellemann prize, long tours and the Roskilde concert. After selling more than 100,000 albums, the group ended their adventure in 2005. Big brother Sveinung after many years trying to convince little sister has finally managed to get the nod to making new music with Gåte. Their album "Sleep" came out on Nov. 2, 2018 and is a familiar Gåte music - just ripe, fresher and possibly even stronger, and the live show is awesome! Dagbladet gives it a five star rating, and calls it as hypnotic, meddling, vibrant, powerful and intense like 14 years ago! " Music news gives the album 10/10, Dagsavisen also rolls the 5's and rejoices over an album full of "wide-ranging folk rock, death and beautiful perversion". Welcome back, Gone!

Romsdalsmuseet 795,- fees incl.
17:00 Dørene åpner
18:00 Luke Elliot
19:30 Gåte
21:30 Madrugada

Luke Elliot

On the way to something big!

Luke Elliot has the style and velvet voice of Frank Sinatra, the enticing performance of Leonard Cohen, the theatrics of Nick Cave and raw talent of Tom Waits!

Luke Elliot is originally from New Jersey, but now has close ties with Norway after numerous long stays in Norway. The Norwegian audience have showered their love on him, with his debut album "Dressed for the Occasion" receiving critical acclaim in Norway. Moldejazz was quick to book him and he played for an enthusiastic audience in Alexandra Park in 2016. He has just released the single "Somebody's Man", with Sivert Høyem a as guest writer. Høyem will perform with Madrugada later that evening at the museum, so who knows, maybe they perform a duet together. Luke is here this time with new material that will be released in the form of an album in the spring. It could as well be his big breakthrough. Show up early this july evening and witness Elliot's warm and raw voice in beautiful surroundings at the Romsdalsmuseet!

Romsdalsmuseet 795,- fees incl.
17:00 Dørene åpner
18:00 Luke Elliot
19:30 Gåte
21:30 Madrugada