First artist release for 2021!

Ane Brun, Jaga Jazzist, Ola Kvernberg - Steamdome vol 2, Valkyrien Allstars, Trondheim Jazzorkester (Jazz Orchestra) & Gurls, Ellen Andrea Wang Trio og Steinar Raknes & The STILLHOUSE band will all be performing at Moldejazz 2021

Molde International Jazz Festival is the world's oldest continuously running jazz festival. The 60th festival was arranged in 2020, the anniversary continues in 2021 when the festival turns 60 years.

The first artists for this big anniversary festival are now released.

Tickets are now available for two of the concerts where resident artist Ellen Andrea Wang will be performing; Andrea Wang Trio and Trondheim Jazzorkester & Gurls. Jaga Jazzist and Ola Kvernberg with Steamdome vol 2 will do night concerts.

We´re also releasing tickets to the concert at Romsdalsmuseet with Steinar Raknes & The STILLHOUSE band, Valkyrien Allstars and Ane Brun.

Please note that there are a limited number of tickets available.

Ola Kvernberg - Steamdome Vol.2

Following the release of Steamdome in 2018, Ola Kvernberg and his septet have played over 60 concerts. The commission success continues!

With sold out concerts in venues like club Oslo's large living room Rockefeller, and playing for 6000 people at Romsdalsmuseet in 2018, Steamdome have had great success.

The success started in 2016 when Ola Kvernberg preformed as Artist In Residence at Moldejazz and the Steamdome project was initiated as a collaboration between Moldejazz and Jazzfest.

Ola returns to the anniversary festival in 2021 - with the same ensemble, and new music!

The new version of Steamdome dig deeper into the club beat, and will expand in both acoustic and electronic direction. With pump organ and prepared piano, as well as drum machine and synthesizer, Steamdome "VOL 2" will continue where the first album left off - on the dance floor.

Ola Kvernberg - Fiddle, viola, guitar, synth, prepared piano, organ, percussion.
Erik Nylander - Drums, drum machines, percussion.
Eivind Helgerød – Percussion, Olaf Olsen - drums, percussion.
Daniel Buner Formo - Organ, synth, keyboards.
Nikolai Hængsle - Bass.
Øyvind Blomstrøm - Guitars, pedal steel.
Erlend Solli Aune - Sound.

Jaga Jazzist

Jaga Jazzist has already existed for more than a quarter of a century. They are described as nothing less than a powerhouse in Norwegian music.

Phenomenal closing concert!

Their style has always been in a musical crossroads with ramifications towards many different genres. The new album «Pyramid» came in August 2020, released on Flying Lotus' credible record company Brainfeeder. Enthusiastic international reviewers have described the music as both meditative and upsetting, and mentioned references such as Khruangbin, Giorgio Moroder, Thundercat, Neu! and Hide Kuti.

This summer's concert they will be playing their ninth concert at Moldejazz since 1999. The last time they played the festival was in 2017, when they did a concert with the legend Pat Metheny.

The band is constantly gaining new audiences, and is considered to be just as popular now as it was 25 years ago. Their reputation as one of the country's best live bands is highly deserved.

We can’t wait to see Jaga Jazzist in Molde again!

Trondheim Jazzorkester & Gurls

Award-winning GURLS meet Trondheim Jazzorkester (Jazz orchestra)

Saxophonist Hanna Paulsberg and bassist Ellen Andrea Wang have played in the trio GURLS since 2013. In 2020 the Swedish vocalist Carolina Wallin Perez replaced Rohey Taalah's role as vocalist. Bassist and vocalist Ellen Andrea Wang are also known as Artist in Residence at Moldejazz 2021.

GURLS has become a flagship in Norwegian jazz. Their sparkling debut album "Run boy, run" received the Spellemann Prize for best jazz album 2018, and the trio has since toured Norwegian jazz festivals and played for sold-out clubs. Now GURLS is back, this time in a collaboration with another exciting edition of the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, where Hanna Paulsberg writes and arranges for the trio and eight other musicians.

Paulsberg have been sought-after as a composer by the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra for many years. As a saxophonist, she has been central in a number of previous TJO projects, first with Elin Rosseland in 2011, then with Marius Neset, SKRAP and Espen Berg.

For Moldejazz 2021 is Paulsberg presenting an accumulation of new compositions and some brushed up old hits – a performance everyone in the Norwegian music industry is excited to experience.

Carolina Wallin Perez - vocals, Hanna Paulsberg - tenor saxophone, vocals, composer, Ellen Andrea Wang - bass, vocals, Eirik Hegdal - saxophones, Sissel Vera Pettersen - saxophones, vocals, Trine Knutsen - flutes, Heida Karine Johannesdottir - tuba, Håvard Aufles - keyboards, Amund Storløkken Åse - vibraphone, Håkon Mjåset Johansen - drums, Ola Øverby - drums

Valkyrien Allstars

With their latest album "Slutte og byne" (stop and starting) Valkyrien Allstars is spot on, and the reviews have been overwhelming, with good reason.

The perfect balance between folk music and rock!

Just prior to the Covid-19-pandemic front figure Tuva became more popular than ever, after her participation in the popular TV-production “Hver gang vi møtes” (a Norwegian musical entertainment program)

The band debuted with a self-titled album in 2007 that quickly sold to gold. Since then, album releases and concert performances have gone side by side, including two concerts at Alexandraparken in 2013.

As one of Norway’s best live bands regardless of genre, the band have since their debut in 2007 been leading in mixing folk music and rock.

Every new release keeps on going in new directions, but you’ll never once doubt that you listening to the Valkyren. The band consists of Tuva Syvertsen, Magnus Larsen Jr, Erik Sollid and Martin Langlie, who together write and compose the songs.

When they enter the stage this summer, we can guarantee a power pack of energy, sincerity and interactions that sparks. We are very happy to finally have Tuva and Valkyrien Allstars preform at Moldejazz again!

Ellen Andrea Wang Trio

There will be jazz, pop, electronic and more when Artist in Residence 2021 presents its regular trio.

Catchy jazz with hit potential.

The Ellen Andrea Wang trio reaches a wide audience as some of the hippest you will find in Norwegian jazz. She is not afraid to mix different elements, where improvisation and exciting grooves merge into a whole of jazz, pop and electronics with more. It results in both enchanting music with both hit potential and relaxing tunes, played by three musicians that through distinctive rhythmic elements create live jazz at its best.

Ellen Andrea Wang has toured large parts of the world with legends such as Manu Katché and Marilyn Mazur, played with Sting and worked with several of her own compositions. Wang has definitely made a name of here self also internationally, for instance did the British Guardian list her as one of the most influential young female jazz musicians on the planet.

In the trio, she is joined by Andreas Ulvo, who brings exciting contributions with both analog synths and acoustic keys, while drummer Erlend Dahlen shows us why Nils Petter Molvær and so many in the Norwegian music industry use his services.

Ellen Andrea Wang - bass, vocals, Andreas Ulvo - keyboards, Erland Dahlen - drums, percussion.

Steinar Raknes STILLHOUSE

Favorite enters the big stage!

Some artists have a unique connection with their audience, and some concerts raise the roof, no matter how high the ceiling is. Steinar Raknes from Midsund is one of those.

From playing double bass with historic jazz artists such as Chick Corea, Michael Brecker and Bobby McFerrin, has he taken a break from Jazz and dived into roots, blues, rock and americana.

Raknes has a striking ability to write songs that feels familiar and cherished from the first tune, but also making goosebump-feeling cover versions from heroes like Bob Dylan, Depeche Mode and Bruce Springsteen. The premiere of "On the Road" with Raknes and his Stillhouse band at Moldejazz 2020 was a huge success.

Raknes has not been resting, he recently released the album, which he in isolation, has recorded at home in his own apartment. We are excited for a reunion with the crowd-pleasing Steinar Raknes and his Stillhouse band and to be able to present him on the outdoor stage at Romsdalsmuseet! With Unni Wilhelmsen by his side, the band is even better. She has many fans in Molde, both from her days as a solo artist and not least after she joined “Di Derre”.