Edvard Hoem opens this years festival!

Writer Edvard Hoem will do the official opening of the 59. Molde International Jazz Festival on Monday 15. July, at 12.00, SpareBank 1 SMN-scenen i Alexandraparken.

Edvard Hoem has opened Moldejazz before, in 1989 when he gave us the often cited prologue «Når festen opnar» («When the party opens» red.) You could say it is a «double jubileum» as this is thirty years ago, and since Edvard Hoem turns 70 years this year. Edvard Hoem opening the festival will also give a nice bridge to what will happen in Bjørnsonhuset on the festivals closing night 20. July. As earlyer announced, Moldejazz will then honor Edvard Hoem with the gala concert «Klangen av Hoem, a gala concert for Edvard Hoem 70 years». Erlend Skomsvoll was given the assignment to arrange new melodies based on Edvard Hoems texts for this concert. They will be performed by a specially assembled band with, among others, Ine Hoem on vocals and with the participation og Henning Sommero.