9 new releases from the 2020 programme

Charles Lloyd is making his return after 54 years, four more concerts with our Artist in Residence, John Zorn, and for all who share our fondness for musical monologues, there'll be another chance to catch the critically acclaimed performance of Driving Miles.

It's a big event when Charles Lloyd returns to Moldejazz 54 years after he first performed at the festival in 1966. In addition to the four previously released John Zorn concerts, we are now adding «Midsummer Moons» and «The Hermetic Organ» to the list, where both concerts will be performed in evocative Molde Cathedral. Concerts «The Hierophant» and «Simulacrum» will be performed in Storyville, located on the top floor at Plassen.

The 60th festival is also presenting a long-awaited reunion with the musical monologue Driving Miles, this time set up in our venue Kikkans Hall. Here you'll also find the mini-big band, The Hot White Chocolates, who's to play with their authentic orchestral jazz set in the 1920s.

Pianist, Espen Berg, are coming back to Plassen and our venue Storyville with his critically acclaimed trio, and everything's set for a hearty reunion with D'Sound on the Spareban1 stage in Alexandra Park.