Marius Neset Solo

Sax solo with Marius Neset - the wizard from Os!

Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 395,- fees incl.

The recent years, Marius Neset has emerged as Norway's leading exporter of masterful saxophones, with enormous international success, in collaboration with both compatriots and many foreign musicians and ensembles. With closed borders and other animosity, Neset suddenly found himself quite alone with his instrument.

This is one of the reasons why he made an album with a solo saxophone, which made the audience go off the rails and concert organizers throw themselves over the phone. Terje Mosnes writes about the solo album «New Dawn» that it seems as if «Neset can make the instrument do everything, possibly except vacuuming carpets, without this technical bravado getting in the way of the content of the tone story. Sometimes it seems completely unlikely that Neset can really play both bass accompaniment and light phrases simultaneously without using ordering technique ».

Mosnes concludes the review by saying that this is simply a revelation of a musical inquiry. Adrian Pallant in APReview is just as excited when he writes that Neset “solo celebrates those extraordinary (dare it be said, unique) capabilities which naturally, over time, have been developed and honed into the bewildering wonder heard across these nine self-composed tracks.It's an engaging display of melodic, rhythmic and chordal prowess »

Marius Neset has done a few festival jobs with this concept, and the reception has been almost ecstatic. We welcome him to Moldejazz, where there will probably be a rift over a corona-reduced number of seats in the hall.

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