Committee overview

Below you can find a brief description of the tasks that each individual committee handles. We hope that this makes for an easier choice when applying. Some committees require a special background or field of expertise, but for the majority, the key requirement is that you are friendly and service-minded. As a volunteer, you interact with artists and audiences alike, so you and your behaviour is key to maintaining our reputation as a friendly and intimate festival. If the information provided here does not answer the questions you might have, please contact the individual committee-leader or email us at

Comittee overview

The jazz store – sale of tickets and effect
Informing the audience about, and offering guidance related to, our lineup is equally important to selling tickets. As a ticket-seller, you will always be in contact with the audience and as such, we are looking for positive, service-minded coworkers. Before the festival begins, you will receive a briefing on the lineup, as well as training in the ticket- and payment software we use. You will work either the early or the late shift, and the work-location will be at one of our ticket offices at PLASSEN, in the main street, or in one of the stands located downtown if selling festival-effects. Experience from sales would be a bonus. A friendly and service-minded attitude is key.

Stand rentals
This committee administrates everything surrounding the rental of spaces for stands in the main street and is a very important service station for everyone renting with us. The members of this committee are located in their offices in City Hall or running between the stands in the main street.

In the eateries at PLASSEN, as well as in the festivals own sponsor-events, it is possible to work as a volunteer with tasks such as food-/beverage-sales and cleaning. You have to be at least 18 years old to work in this committee. Experience from this line of work is a plus, but not required. Working hours vary from early morning to late nights.

The press centre
This committee is responsible for receiving an accredited press and ensuring that their working conditions are as good as possible during the festival. Local knowledge of the Molde-area and knowledge of PR-work would be a plus. Work hours vary and split into two shifts. The press centre's regular opening hours are from 09:00 to 21:00, and is located on the 3nd floor of Scandic Hotel Alexandra.

Accreditation is responsible for issuing passes to all volunteers, musicians, guests, press and sponsors. In addition to being positive and friendly, it is important that you have good computer skills and can handle somewhat hectic workdays. The committee is located at our volunteer hub "Kroa" (The old Cultural House) and starts operating from Saturday before the festival opens.

ICT is responsible for commissioning, decommissioning, maintaining and providing support on Moldejazz' IT-systems during the festival. The committee is located at PLASSEN during the festival week.

Artist service
This committee is responsible for waiting on the artists during their stay in Molde – all the way from their first arrival until they depart again. As such, the work hours are highly varied. During the festival, we will assign you to a specific venue, while the committee's offices are located on the 3nd floor at Scandic Hotel Alexandra.

Artist transportation
Responsible for transportation of artists and guests. For this committee, we are looking for serious and experienced candidates. Having a certificate for larger vehicles than a regular car is a plus, but not strictly required. Varied work hours. The committee's offices are located on the 3nd floor at Scandic Hotel Alexandra.

For the catering committee, we need people that can perform simple tasks in a kitchen, bartenders and drivers. The work is a times hectic but takes place in a very friendly environment. A large part of the staff will be located in the production-kitchen, with some assigned to Romsdalsmuseet. Work hours are mostly during the daytime and split into several shifts.

This committee works with assembling and disassembling the various venues, and as such requires people for tasks before, during and even after the festival. Some of the tasks are physically demanding. Work hours vary, and we need staff from early morning to late at night. The committee's offices are located in "Gamle Kulturhuset".

Audio & lights
Moldejazz employ professional audio and lighting technicians at all events, but we also accept applicants that already possess a little bit of knowledge in this field or wish to learn more about sound/lighting production. An amazing opportunity to learn!

Security at our events organises entry and ticket control, access to emergency exits, and also functions as a service- and information point for our audience. A security officer is responsible for the security team at the individual venues, and work hours corresponding to event-times. The police must pre-approve all applicants, and you must be at least 18 years of age to apply. The committee's secretariat is located at PLASSEN 4th floor.

Sponsor service
Sponsor service is responsible for ensuring that sponsors can carry out their events according to their contracts. Tasks include hosting for the individual sponsor and their guests. The committee also has a secretariat for the sponsors, with opening hours Mon–Fri 10.00–17.00. The committee is located at PLASSEN 4th floor.

Info/Internal accomodation
Info is responsible for call-centre services for the entire festival during the week, informational stands at various spots downtown, and information on the internet and by SMS as well as through other internal and external channels. The committee is located at Plassen 1st floor, infodesk by the local library. The committee also handles all internal accomodation, and the logistics in connection with this scheme.

Signs and profiling
Tasks include responsibility for signs and profiling elements tied to the festival week. At all venues, we are dependent on providing clear and correct information to the audience and this committee ensures that all informational elements are in place. The committee needs candidates for assembly/disassembly before and after the festival, but also works in shifts during the festival week. The committee is located at "Kroa" (Gamle Kulturhuset)

This committee is responsible for Moldejazz' environmental work and is crucial for our status as Miljøfyrtårn (Eco-lighthouse, an environmental certification). They work with maintaining and developing eco-friendly measures, continuing our ecological food-concept "Grønn mat til blå toner" (Green food to blue tunes), and administrate Miljøpatruljen (Environment patrol) who ensure a clean and nice festival-area. The committee organizes all sanitation for the festival. The committee is also responsible for parts of the work-environment during the festival-week by preparing the festival's offices both at Scandic Hotel Alexandra (2nd floor) and at PLASSEN (2nd and 3rd floors).

The committee administrates and maintains the festival's internal reporting system. Not applicable to volunteer applicants

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