Vårsøg 75 years

Henning Sommerro with a theatre concert celebrating Hans Hyldbakk – and the peace.

Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)

Teatret Vårt's gift to Moldejazz 60th anniversary

Hyldbakk wrote Vårsøg in 1945 and this year the poem celebrates its 75th anniversary. The text expresses the joy of spring – and for the liberation that was coming.

Moldejazz has a long collaboration with local theatre, Teatret Vårt. The theatre concert where Sommerro together with John Pål Inderberg, Julie Støp Husby and Sara Fellman is, therefore, a particularly polite celebration of both jazz, theatre and the down-to-earth hope of a bright future.

The group Vårsøg, lead by Sommerro, recorded their debut album in 1977 with perhaps the most famous version of the poem, with Sommerro's melody. The group had its last concert at the legendary Naustet Vårt [en: Boathouse] during Moldejazz in 1980. Henning Sommerro has had several collaborations with Hyldbakk. For the theatre concert, he has tailor-made new arrangements of his own tunes and, based on Vårsøg, has taken a new look at Hyldbakk's lyrics.

Hans Hyldbakk himself wrote in «Vårbrev 1945» [en: «Spring Letter 1945»] that he had great hope for the spring:

«...this year faith and hope are greater and richer than ever before because now spring promises more than in a long time, (...) It seems that summer is coming with the peace in its arms, which we have been longing for. All indications are that it cannot be long before the war is over.»

Texts: Hans Hyldbakk, Music: Henning Sommerro, Director: Kristian Lykkeslet Strømskag, Text selection: Svein Sæter, Dramatic adviser: Julie Støp Husby
Henning Sommerro, John Pål Inderberg, Sara Fellman, Julie Støp Husby

Moldejazz follows all necessary guidelines and rules at this event, and kindly ask all guests to take responsibility as well.
Henning Sommerro, John Pål Inderberg, Julie Støp Husby and Sara Fellman.