Universal Indians feat. Joe McPhee

Since joining the creative jazz scene in the late 1960s, Joe McPhee has been a busy composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist. In addition, he is a thoughtful conceptualist and theorist

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In addition to his own band Trio X and Survival Unit, he has collaborated with improvisers like Pauline Oliveros, Peter Brötzmann and Evan Parker. He has also had guest performances with bands like The Thing and Trespass Trio. With a career that has lasted almost 50 years and over 100 recordings, he has continued to tour internationally, find new collaborative projects and explored musical boundaries.

Universal Indians is a trio with the Amsterdam-based American saxophonist John Dikeman and the powerful Norwegian rhythm section consisting of bassist Jon Rune Strøm and drummer Tollef Østvang. This trio has made its own definition of frijazz: powerful, passionate, raw and intense music, created there and then, without any defined leader, only with close and direct interaction. Although the inspiration of artists like Cecil Taylor, John Coltrane, Albert Ayer and Peter Brötzmann can be noted, the band has a clear and independent style.

Joe McPhee - Pocket Trumpet / Saxophones, John Dikeman - Saxophones, Jon Rune Strøm - Double Bass, Tollef Østvang - Drums.