Trondheim Jazzorkester & The MaxX

SpareBank 1 SMN JazZtipendiat 2017-2018 was awarded to Petter Kraft, Tomas Järmyr and Oscar Grönberg in connection with Moldejazz 2017 for the project "Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and The MaxX".

Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 450,- fees incl.

It is difficult to ascribe a specific genre to the trio, but they describe their music as "catchy riff-based jazz rock, with a constantly changing rhythmic character".

The three Swedish musicians have been part of the jazz community in Trondheim for about 10 years, where they have studied at Jazzlinja - NTNU. The band members have chosen to settle in Trondheim, and today they represent a power center in the young Norwegian jazz community. Through band projects such as Megalodon Collective, Team Hegdal, Hanna Paulsberg Concept, Doffs Poi, Yodok and now also Motorpsycho, they have given Norwegian jazz (and rock) both fresh and renewed expressions. They have all participated in previous projects in the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. The fellow students will use their trio The MaxX as a starting point for their project with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.

The crew in The MaxX's edition of Trondheim Jazz Orchestra will be published one by one in 2018 - follow up on social media!

The concert in Teatret Vårt at Plassen on Tuesday July 17 at 20.00 will open when Moldejazz thinks it is right for this concert.

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