Jazz & Molde - Lauritz og Isach Skeidsvoll / Festivalsjef Mariann Bjørnelv

Festivalakademiet 22/7 (free w. ticket)

Through informative and entertaining conversations, we will get to know the talented artists who perform at the festival. You will also learn more about the festival's history, the nature of jazz and about the industry and music's challenges and opportunities.

Moderator is Audun Vinger, music journalist and presenter known from, among others, Jazznytt and Dagens Næringsliv.

Storyville (PLASSEN)

Jazz og Molde is the perfect match. Just ask brothers Isach & Lauritz Skeidsvoll.

On saxophone and piano, respectively, these young jazz musicians from Kleive have already made a name for themselves in jazz Norway, with projects such as Bangkok Lingo and the General Post Office. The impressive young duo will share their story about growing up with jazz and the festival's significance for the region. Last year, the brothers received the award for greatest jazz talent from SpareBank 1 SMN.

Lauritz & Isach Skeidsvoll | Foto: Dagfinn Reppen