Torhild Ostad / Carsten Dahl

Long-awaited Norwegian premiere for the duo behind one of last year's most famous and critically acclaimed albums.

Molde Cathedral 350,- fees incl.

Finally, it is possible to experience the duo Torhild Ostad / Carsten Dahl perform live. A year ago, the album "Jeg roper til deg" (NORCD), Torhild's first since the solo album "Blomar i moll" (The Church of Culture - 1996) was released. Dahl has a number of albums under him, solo, trio, quartet, and for a number of years has been Denmark's most prominent pianist.

Common to both artists is a proximity to musical expressions that immediately grab the audience. In a review, writes: There is life in what we hear, a voice that knows where it's heading and how it will sound, music made by two musicians who have really found each other musically, while Danish Jazznyt believe that the duo present music that does not know time and space. Ostad and Dahl are together in a shared space of spiritual and emotional music.
Torhild Ostad is raised in the Molde area. Folk music is her root, and with Dahl she has developed a repertoire of hymns and boundless music with jazz. Dahl and Ostad have found each other in a poetic dialogue that sparkles inspiration and timeless beauty. Together they make up an amazing duo that, for various reasons, has practically not been experienced live after the release of critically acclaimed “Jeg roper til deg”. It is therefore a special event when the duo perform in Molde Cathedral.
Torhild Ostad - vocal, Carsten Dahl, piano