Trondheim Jazzorkester with Alf Hulbækmo

Skumringsbarda is a fantasy world – a play of sorts, with good and evil forces. With weirdos, scary people and smart people – many things can happen and you'll find many strange things. Alf Hulbækmo discovered this some years ago, subbing as a teacher and spending several recesses with his pupils in the woods behind the school.

Molde Cathedral 490,- fees incl.

Skumringsbarda seemed like a place the inventor-pupil liked to travel to. It was, despite of the dangers, a safe place to be. Most of us has had a place like this at some point in our lives – a place where we can relax and be in control. Let life play out on its own. Be the boss, the place transforms on your choosing.

The only certain thing is that no one else can understand it. We can hear the stories and we can be fascinated by it – but we can never come close to understanding it. This can only be done by each of us, alone. It is there when you need it – however, you don't have to care. It's easy to carry and easy to leave behind, but ever faithful either way. It is there always, yet it still doesn't exist.

This is the framework for Hulbækmo when composing music for his own Skumringsbarda. This is the second time the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is using the Molde Cathedral for their concert at Moldejazz.

– The acoustics are special, but there is also something to the space giving the possibility of taking things seriously. If you want the music to convey something, this is a good place to be. With this music, I want to advocate for the sacral, says Hulbækmo.

Coming from a musical family, he's made records with both his mother, Tone Humbækmo, and his father, Fredrik Jacobsen. In addition to their family-orchestra, he's also part of the seven-piece orchestra Taiga Orchestra, in a duo with vocalist Siril Malmedal Hauge, while also playing new arrangements of the tunes of the beloved Norwegian folk singer, Alf Prøysen, in the band Lillebror.

Rohey Taalah - vocal / Siri Gjære - vocal / Harald Relling Nielsen - vocal / Håkon Aase - violin / Katrine Schiøtt - cello / Eirik Hegdal - woodwind / Hildegunn Øiseth - trumpet / Hild Sofie Tafjord - horn / Ole Jørgen Melhus - trombone / Alf Hulbækmo - organ / Hans Hulbækmo - drums and percussion / Tor Breivik - sound design.