Rasmus og Verdens Beste Band

The band has a great ability to communicate and have created a universe of lyrics that the kids recognize. Even though the music is designed for children, this is also a favourite among adults.

Magic Mirror (Rådhusplassen) 100,- fees incl.
Magic Mirror (Rådhusplassen) 150,- fees incl.

Rasmus og verdens beste band are a critically acclaimed and award-winning band from Trondheim. The band has sold well over 20.000 children's records, toured Norway and made lots of music for children's television at Norwegian broadcaster, NRK SUPER. In addition to this, they have their own musical at Trøndelag Theater's main stage and their modern children's hits such as "Puppan te pappa" [en: Daddy's boobs] and "Kosinus song" [en: The song of Kosinus] are as catchy as can be.

Erlend Smalås – bass, tuba, vocals / Kriss Stemland – piano, dobro, organ, vocals / Rasmus Rohde – guitar and vocals