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Always week 29 // 17-22 July 2023
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Post Koma

Petter Eldh is a name that has commuted in and out of Norwegian ensembles over the past ten years. And several times to Molde. Including as part of Marius Neset's JazZtipendiat in 2012, Gard Nilssen's Acoustic Unity in 2016 and ditto Supersonic Orchestra in 2019.

For a decade he has also resided in Berlin, and has been held responsible by several for contributing to the Scandi-Berlin sound. Novel.

Although Eldh's ability to be an annual jazz bassist is indisputable, he is a multifaceted type. It is not without reason that the Koma Saxo is his machine of freedom. A troll-in-a-box band, with a jumble of musical digressions and vagaries, composed of the musicians' diversity and Eldh's penchant for sampling, cutting up and putting together new pieces. A delightful experience.

For several years he has been a smash hit with the quintet Koma Saxo, which last year released the wild second album Koma West with Sofia Jernberg. Where the first record, Koma Saxo (2019), had a greater feel of live performance, Koma West is a conglomerate of 80s references, old school hip hop and eclectic electro parts where the communication in text and melody becomes its own instrument.

Don't be surprised if you also think you hear something similar to Albert Åberg and Hiatus Coyote. This music has it all! Maybe apart from peace of mind, because it wants to go out and about.

Regardless of whether Post Koma plays anything like these "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"-esque tunes, you can be sure that it will tickle your synapses with all its antics, and make you curious about what the next four seconds will bring. And then the next four. And then the next ones.

He who listens will see!

Petter Eldh (double bass)

Sofia Jernberg (vocals)

Otis Sandsjö (tenor saxophone)

Jonas Kullhammar (tenor & alto saxophone, flute)

Christian Lillinger (drums)

Storyville (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.
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