Out of Land

Michael Wollny from Germany on piano, Swiss Andreas Schaerer on vocals and mouth percussion, plus the two Frenchmen Emile Parisien and Vincent Peirani on respectively soprano sax and accordion, are giving the term "supergroup" its true meaning.

Storyville (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.

A supergroup in the word's true meaning

The quartet released the album Out of Land (ACT) in 2017 and Moldejazz tried to book them but failed three years in a row. The reason was that all four musicians are in great demand for being bandleaders and busy with individual projects. Consequently, Out of Land gives very few concerts, even though their audience response to them is almost ecstatic.

Given that Moldejazz 2020 is the 60th-anniversary festival, the festival contacted Siggi Loch, the band's initiator and director of the record label Act. We asked him to try to persuade the musicians to make an exception and come together for this special occasion. The cheer was through the roof at the festival office when Siggi announced that all four had said yes!

Why all this fuzz to present a band that's only made one album and that not that many knows? The answer, of course, lies in the absolutely magical music that lifts both bands and the audience to very rare heights. For one thing, there are four virtuoso musicians, who partly redefine the possibilities that lie in their instruments. However, most important is that they communicate both to the audience and between themselves on a very unique level.

The name "Out of Land" refers to the band musically lifting from the ground and entering a landscape where anything can happen. As the exceptional singer Schaerer stated, "This became like a dream, almost a spiritual way of creating music".

This is an event where this quartet is presented to the Norwegian audience for the first – and possibly last – time. Compelling and warm music for both jazz nerds, as well as people who think they don't like jazz.

Emile Parisien – soprano sax, Vincent Peirani – accordion, Andreas Schaerer – vocals and vocal percussion, Michael Wollny – piano.