Moldejazz is the oldest continously running jazz festival in the world, as well as the most important one in Norway.

Moldejazz was founded in 1961 and is held every year in July during week 29. We have a close collaboration with other festivals both in Norway and in other countries.

Tel: +47 712 03 150
Postal address:
Moldejazz PB 415, 6401 Molde, Norge
Visiting address:
PLASSEN, 4th floor at Gørvellplassen 1, 6413 Molde


Acting Festival Director & Producer
Cecilie Nogva

+47 91320287

Finance manager
Bente Maridal Hoflandsdal
+47 90 09 93 36

Restaurant manager
Leif Oskar Helseth

+47 45 44 11 04

Therese Østby Haugen
+47 41 12 31 25

Sales- & sponsors manager
Ellisif R. Vestad

+47 46 46 01 82

Technical coordinator
Jonas Fuglseth

+47 97046420


Board of directors of Molde International Jazz Festival

Stein Berg Oshaug – chairman
Torgeir Dahl – vice chairman
Andreas Mæland
Hege Gagnat
Sissel Nerland
Johild Kosberg Bredin
Olav Opsvik

Supervisory board

Leader: Ståle Skårn

Members: Torstein Fuglseth, Line Bjørnerem, Anja Inderhaug, Olav Harnes, Pål Austnes, Knut Morten Kårevik, Randi Gunnerød, Kjell Johan Vatne, Britt Mari Ovesen, Hans-Olav Solli, Kolbjørn Heggdal, Oddgeir Overå, Kristian Lykkeslett Strømskag.

Committee's & leaders

ARTIST TRANSPORT: Svein Åge Johansen
TICKETS & JAZZ STORE: Mathilde Håseth-Eik
ARTIST SERVICE: Siv Janne Håseth-Eik
SOUND/LIGHT/STAGE: Send an e-mail
RESTAURANT: Leif Oskar Helseth
CATERING COMMITTEE: Kjersti Cecilie Tveeikrem
IKT: Kennet Opedal
RIG: Tommy Johnsen
BOOTH RENTAL: Per Gunnar Talstad
PRESS OFFICE: Hege Merethe Gagnat
ENVIRONMENT AND SERVICE: Silje Tonette Hammerø Kroknes
ACCREDITATION: Martha Jensine Møkkelgjerd
SIGNS: Anita Strømme
SECURITY: Kurt Børge Aure

Storyville Jazz Club: Send e-mail
Jazzlogen: Molde Janitsjar

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