Ole Børud

The new, Norwegian ambassador of west coast pop!

Alexandraparken (18+) 450,- fees incl.
19:00 Dørene åpner
23:00 Ole Børud
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Few people know that one of the worlds best artists in the genre that have given a renaissance of the soulful, funky side of west coast pop is Norwegian! That'll soon change.

We're living in a renaissance of the soulful, funky side of west coast pop of decades past – Think Steely Dan, Michael McDonald and Doobie Brothers. They've all been rediscovered by hipsters and other trend-conscious music-fans, slightly ironically named «yacht-rock». However, all too few of them has noticed that one of the worlds best artists of the genre is Norwegian!

Moldejazz has been very much aware of this and Ole Børud had great success doing two night-concerts at our venue, Alexandraparken, back in 2015. His two latest albums Stepping up and Keep Movin are packed with songs that are textbook examples of seamless songwriting in the Becker/Fagan tradition.

The sky-high level of the music is easier to grasp when one considers Børud's background. As a second generation member of the Børud family, he's been a professional musician since he was 16, but in reality, he's been on stage full-time since he first was able to stand. Firstly in the family-band, Arnold B Family, then – among other things – as a metal musician in the group, Extol. As a guitarist and arranger, he belongs to the elite of both live- and session musicians in the country.

After a strong appearance in last years Stjernekamp, a Norwegian song talent TV-show, it about time to take Børud back to what will surely be an exhilarating concert on the SpareBank1 SMN-stage in Alexandraparken.

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