Melody Gardot

Back to Molde as a superstar!

Bjørnsonhuset 690,- fees incl.

We are proud again to present one of the last decade's greatest jazz singers in Molde! As the songwriter, singer and pianist from New Jersey performed for an enthusiastic audience in Bjørnsonhuset in 2009 she was still an unfamiliar name to most. Now - almost ten years later, she has a large following across the globe, far beyond jazz. To Moldejazz, She brings the concert album "Live in Europe" which is currently listed on a number of year's best albums, and that quite clearly reinforces her qualities as a live artist.

Gardot was seriously injured in a traffic accident at a young age and started music after being recommended for her therapy during the long rehabilitation period. Her debut album from 2006 came on a small record label, but was later reissued by Verve in 2008. Her breakthrough came with the album "My One And Only Thrill" in 2009, which included the single "Baby, I'm a fool". The concert in Bjørnsonhuset July 16 will be the only opportunity to experience Melody Gardot in Norway in 2019.

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