Masada String Trio

When John Zorn presents the Masada String Trio, the audience will encounter a chamber ensemble that doesn't sound like anything else they've heard before.

Rådsalen 380,- fees incl.

Virtuoso and beautiful

It's easy to get excited by the three amazingly good musicians playing and improvising on Zorn compositions immersed with a rare sense of elegance and absolute presence. The cello, violin and double bass ensemble provide an airy and transparent soundscape where each individual tone is blended into a harmonious and rich overall image.

The music is beautiful and lyrical, intense and captivating. The Rådsalen venue, our new stage for acoustic music, was utilised for the first time in last year and will provide a glorious backdrop for this exclusive trio.

Mark Feldman – violin, Erik Friedlander – cello, Greg Cohen – double bass, John Zorn – conductor.

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