Marja Mortensson

Catch the Spellemannprisen-winner at sunrise.

NB! Break of Day is at 07.00, as it was last year.

Reknesparken Free

A southern Sami wonder-voice from a 23-year-old shooting star at Moldejazz' traditional Break of Day-concert.

Evoking a vocal splendour that should bring listeners from around the world to their knees – so beautiful, so different. Those are the words of Audun Vinger, a music critic in Norwegian newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv, on Mortensson's second album Mojhtestasse that came out last year. As this is being written, the trio behind the album was awarded a Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy Award) in the class of folk- and traditional music.

23-year-old Mortensson is from Engerdal in Hedmark and performs joik in the tradition of the Southern Sami people, in a language only spoken by around 1.000 people in Norway and Sweden. She's coming to Moldejazz and the Break of Day-concert, named after Karin Krogh's famous recording. This concert offers free access and is presented by Moldejazz – in collaboration with local power company, Istad Kraft – is what some would describe as all too early. Nevertheless, it's become a tradition that every year attracts a large audience to the beautiful open-air stage in charming Reknesparken.

Mortensson brings Molde's own tuba virtuoso, Daniel Herskedal, who colours the joiks with springy counter-voices and digressions, superseded by unison sequences. The fabulous percussionist, Jacob Janssøn, from Tromsø is also part of the ensemble.

Everything's settled for a big audience in Reknesparken this year too. Come and join us – have your morning coffee while starting your day slow, listening to some truly captivating music.

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