Joshua Redman - Still Dreaming

40 years after Dewey Redman played at Moldejazz with "Old and New Dreams", son Joshua is dreaming on ..

Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 470,- fees incl.

In 1979, Joshua Redman's father Dewey played at Moldejazz with legendary "Old and New Dreams Band", the group which of course has inspired "Still Dreaming" in terms of name, instrumental composition and music. The spirited jazz artist influenced by Ornette Coleman's groundbreaking music has received a new update with the quartet Joshua Redman presents this year.

The last time Redman visited Moldejazz, he performed a duo concert that has become almost legendary, with Ola Kvernberg as a partner in a remarkable performance at Teatret Vårt. The concert resulted in the collaboration continuing with extensive Norway Tour and concerts at major festivals abroad. Moving to Molde this time, the saxophone master has trumpeter Ron Miles, bassist Scott Colley and drummer Dave King on his ensemble.

Dewey senior played a lot with Ornette Coleman, but when Coleman parted ways in search of an electrical expression, Redman gathered former Coleman fellow players to Old and New Dreams. The band made several critically acclaimed albums for ECM and toured the world with great success, including Moldejazz in 1979 and 1982. Joshua Redman continues the musical legacy of both his father and Ornette through "Still Dreaming". You must give this band a listen, for as John Fordham in Guardian writes:

This is a supergroup at work, but - as with Coleman's own bands and Old and New Dreams themselves - they never sound like they are trying to make an issue out of that.


Joshua Redman, Saxophone/ Ron Miles, Trumpet / Scott Colley, Bass / Dave King, Drums

Teatret Vårt Thursday 18 July at 8pm

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