Jazzombies feat. Enrico Tomasso

Jazzombies presents 20/30's jazz in a playful and fresh style. The band is the result of English musician David Skinner's love for traditional jazz, 30's swing and "Stride-piano". Since band leader Skinner moved to Norway, he has become a key musician in a variety of styles.

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Magic Mirror (Rådhusplassen) 700,- fees incl.
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Magic Mirror (Rådhusplassen) 400,- fees incl.

In addition to playing at jazz clubs and festivals, Jazzombies has become the first choice for Norway's biggest swing dance events, and well-known by dancers both in Norway and abroad. This experience means that the ensemble has boundless energy and punch - but Jazzombies also show great subtlety and close interaction, with a crew consisting of experienced professional swing musicians, known from several other groups like Hot Club de Norvege, Jazzin Babies, Christiania 12, Magnolia Jazzband and Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra, to name a few.

The music is mainly taken from the jazz's "Golden Age", with classic 20/30’s jazz songs. Jazzombies also play some Skinner originals, and always have some fun events and musical surprises up their sleeve.

To Molde they bring the English star trumpeter Enrico Tomasso, who, in addition to being one of today's foremost swing trumpeter, is also an outstanding vocalist. He was also at Moldejazz in 2013 as part of Bryan Ferry's 'Jazzage' project.

Enrico Tomasso: Trumpet, Vocal

David Skinner: Piano

Georg Reiss: Clarinet, Saxophone

Lars Frank: Clarinet, Saxophone

Børre Frydenlund: Guitar

Svein Otto Aarbostad: Bass

Bjørn Olufsen: Drums