Jazzmeia Horn

New rising jazz star at full speed head

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Vocal-artist, Jazzmeia Horn, from Dallas, Texas, is undoubtedly one of the brightest stars on the jazz sky at the moment.

She's truly convincing with her enormous voice, her swinging authority and incredible musicality. Horn is mainly focusing on the repertoire of jazz standards, but she is happy to do shameless detours to Steve Wonder, Eryka Badu and spiritual soul of the sixties. She is often compared to singers like Nancy Wilson and Betty Carter, and to her great source of inspiration – Sarah Vaughan.

Horn started her career in the choir in her parents' congregation in Dallas. However, it was discovering Sarah Vaughan that ignited a spark in her for real and her love for jazz music grew. She herself says, that at this moment gave her a clear goal in life – she wanted to be a jazz singer.

In 2013 she won a price at Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition, only two years later, in 2015, she won Thelonius Monk International Vocal Jazz Competition. The rewards keep flowing in and her latest album A social call from 2018, was nominated for a Grammy. In other words, it's a must to hear Jazzmeia Horn in Kikkans Hall, 18 July.

«Not only a vocalist, but a musician with big ears, and wisdom beyond her years» – Al Jarreau