Jan Erik Vold and Arild Andersen duo

Bazz and lyrics

Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN)

Fifty years after they debuted at Moldejazz, Jan Erik Vold and Arild Andersen appear for the first time in a proper duo concert

Jan Erik Vold has been called the jazz poet in Norway. He is, however, much more than that. Vold has mastered the art of becoming a popular lyricist, with an expression that was initially regarded as avant-garde and partly provocative. His words were Indeed so provocative that his "Kulturuke" was taken up in the parliament. In addition to being an insightful poet, Vold is as rare as provocative with a sense of humor. His relationship with jazz is partly expressed in some of the themes, the way he writes - and, not least, sings his own lyrics. Laidback, and with an excellent sense of phrase, he reads as a blend of Lester Young, the trend-setter of tenor sax, and his favourite bird, the blackbird.

Everyone with interest in music knows Arild Andersen as an internationally renowned bass legend. He has been the Artist in Residence at Moldejazz, a favorite bassist of a number of major international names, and has written and performed quite a few self composed music with large and small ensembles. It has been fifty years since both Vold and Andersen first appeared on the stage under Moldejazz. Arild was admittedly cheated earlier, but this will be a paid concert. The following year they were together on the legendary album "Briskeby Blues, and the rest is history”.