Ingebjørg Bratland

Ingebjørg Bratland has succeeded in becoming one of the biggest record artists and concert performers in Norway in a few years. 

Molde Cathedral

Her songs have been downloaded a whooping 25 million times, and 40,000 copies of her previous album "Månesinn" were sold even in the outdated CD format. On her previous tour, she played 70 sold out concerts across the country, and just before Christmas, she performed at the sold out Oslo Spektrum.

Ingebjørg Bratland is without doubt one of Norway's biggest and best live performers. She has simply become a phenomenon. With her warm voice, her integrity, her charm and the characteristic folk music, she reaches the heart of those who hear her. She not only reaches out to people but she also obviously reaches into people. On October 6, Bratland released her fourth album "Hjarteskjell", which has received good reviews. "A strong album and a highlight of the year 2017", wrote the Musikknyheter website and gave the album 9 out of 10 possible points. 

There is no doubt that it will be a great and warm experience to hear Bratland, flanked by some of Norway's best musicians in a crowded Molde Cathedral in July. 

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