Scofield og DeJohnette front new super group!

Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 690,- fees incl.

The band is named after Hudson River, and in addition to veterans John Scofield and Jack DeJohnette, the quartet consists of the somewhat younger stars John Medeski on keyboards and Scott Colley on bass. The band was formed for a gig at the Woodstock Festival in 2014. It became a great success, which led to a critically acclaimed album released in the summer of 2017. The band make their Norway debut at Moldejazz 2018.

Hudson's repertoire reflects of their debut at Woodstock. In addition to their own songs, they also cover artists like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson and others. They're all dressed musical costume that provides associations to Miles Davis' electric era and bands like Tony Williams Lifetime. This is not a conventional jazz rock, but sounds from the rock's repertoire performed with jazz's boundless freedom as a guideline.

Earlier this year the band performed a concert for a packed hall at the Ottawa Jazz Festival. In a review, it was written: The band hit hard during a long, extended set that offered vintage Woodstock era rock songs played with a mix of earthy grooves and jazz liberation, a prolonged Bitches Brew-style jam, and two mightily swinging originals by Scofield.

In The Guardian, John Fordham mentions the quartet as an elite jazz band. That's exactly what Hudson is. Tickets are put up for sale, and a sold out theater is expected when these stars take on stage at the festival opening day.

John Scofield - Guitar, John Medeski Keys, Scott Colley Bass, Jack DeJohnette - Drums

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