Hot Club De Norvège

From the lyrical to the thrilling - gipsy Jazz with traditions in Kikkans Hall fFriday night during Moldejazz!

Magic Mirror (Rådhusplassen) 700,- fees incl.
Magic Mirror (Rådhusplassen) 400,- fees incl.

From Grieg to Zappa - Moldejazz celebrates Hot Club De Norvège 40 years!

Summer of 1979, during Moldejazz, some unknown young boys sat on the street playing stringswing. They rightfully caught the attention of jazz-folk. This led to them being introduced to the seasoned violinist Ivar Brodahl, and to the founding of the band Hot Club de Norvège. The group celebrates forty years of existence this year, and what could be more natural than til have it back to Moldejazz to mark the occasion?

Two of the founders are still in the band: Guitar-player Jon Larsen and bass-player Svein Aarbostad. Hot Club de Norvège is one of Norways hottest live-bands, known for contagious joy of playing, and known for virtuoso stringswing starting from the music of Django Reinhardt. They have collaborated with as good as everyone in the genre, and also profiled people from other genres, such as Nigel Kennedy, The Vertavoquartet and others. As if this wasn’t enough the band and its music known to Norwegians across the country with Lillebjørn Nilsens megahit «Tanta til Beate». The band gest much of the credit for the renaissance of stringswing-music in Norway from the seventies and onwards. It is a form of jazz combining the refined and the popular and new generations keep discovering that this is music with many nuances. The span of generations is also illustrated by the new repertoire the band will present in Molde. It has been given the name “From Grieg to Zappa” and confirms that the band is stil on the lookout for new takes on the string swing-tradition.

Finn Hauge - violin and harmonica, Jon Larsen - guitar, Gildas Le Pape - guitar, Svein Aarbostad - double bass.