Håkon Kornstad Trio

- A musical sensation. (Dagens Næringsliv)


Håkon Kornstad has laid the world at his feet with his unique combination of virrile jazz on his tenor sax, and his heartfelt tenor. This year he brings his trio to Moldejazz and Rådsalen.

The venue is new to the festival, and it is of course to small with regards to the interest for this group. To give a very special experience to the group and those who do get a place in the room with them the performance is set in a very intimate venue with remarkable acustic conditions. It will be a bit like when Moldejazz booked Tommy Flanagan trio in the small HotHat-basement where a limited group of audience got to experience a legendary jazz-pianist up close.

Håkon Kornstad had his debut as a tenor singer in the Mozart-opera «La finta giardiniera» in 2012. Little more than a month earlyer he was nominated for «spellemannsprisen» (Norwegian music award) for jazz record of the year.

Kornstad has developed a genre he is liklely to be all alone with in the world, where the jazz-saxophonist with a unique tone and control meets a warm, beautiful and liberal lyrical tenor alternating between italian audacity and nordic restraint.

Avantgarde-minstrel Frode Haltli and rock solid Mats Eilertsen are both masters of their instruments. They are integrated parts of an unique ensemble where opera arias and beautiful ballads are replaced by improvised streches. This will be a concert for classical- and opera-lovers as well as the jazzcrowd and for those who didn’t think they liked any of the two. Experience bliss at Rådsalen – it will be a moment shared with others very close to you – and leave for the summer day after it, whisteling a familiar tune.

Kornstad has been to Molde both before and after his somng/sax brake-through with his album «Tenor battle» but on establishing a new trio, and their album last year «Im Treibhaus» loved by the international corps of critics- we just had to have him back again.

Håkon Kornstad - song/tenor sax, Frode Haltli - accordeon, Mats Eilertsen – double bass.

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