How many other Norwegian bands are musicians who have played with Chick Corea, Sting, Bobo Stenson and Skrap?

Storyville (PLASSEN) 350,- fees incl.

In the trio GURLS, three of the country's most desirable and most sought after jazz musicians of their generation, vocalist Rohey Taalah, Saxophonist Hanna Paulsberg and bassist Ellen Andrea Wang come together.

They describe the project themselves as a musical break. The lyrics are direct and self-deprecating and are about being desperate and single, about pork chop lovers and singing ladies and much else you rarely hear songs about. Although you probably do not come across many other pop bands composed of a singer, a contrabassist and a saxophonist, it is undoubtedly something refreshing and pop-like with GURLS. The music has a foot in the jazz, but Rihanna and Neneh Cherry are obvious inspirational sources. GURLS simply makes honest catchy music. 

The trio has so far performed at sold out venues and made furore at club scenes around the country, and a sneak peek on their upcoming debut album reinforces the belief that this is a band that can reach unusually far. A good atmosphere and full house at is guaranteed at Storyville when GURLS perform at Moldejazz 2018.

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