World class organ trio!

Storyville (PLASSEN) 380,- fees incl.

In the mid-90s, The New York Times named Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart the best organ trio this decade – since then they've been one of the trios who's truly developed the genre with its solid contribution.

Their last album, Toy tunes, shows a trio still exploring the quiet but still intricate and deep interplay between them, decade after decade. This is striking, considering that we're talking about three musicians – each in the absolute world elite.

Organist Larry Goldings has been an attractive co-player on the American scene in recent years and has played with everything from James Taylor to John Scofield. Drummer Bill Stewart is close to something of a drumming legend – perhaps most widely known as a drummer for Chris Potter and Maceo Parker. Guitarist Peter Bernstein was once described by his teacher, Jim Hall, as one of the most impressive guitarists he'd ever heard.

Luckily for us, it's perhaps exactly in this trio these musicians are at their very best. The afternoon in Storyville will let us hear a swinging set of organ-jazz, from what may be the best organ trio in the world.