David Sanborn Acoustic, featuring Billy Kilson, Ben Williams, Andy Ezrin

Six time Grammy winner back with a new acoustic band! Saxophonist

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David Sanborn has a career unparalleled, and at the age of 72 he is still at the helm. He has six Grammy awards on the shelf with eight gold and a platinum album on the wall.

Sanborn was diagnosed with polio as a three year old and was apparently introduced to the saxophone in connection with treatment and therapy. Here some relatives or someone with a white coat obviously did something right, because as a fourteen-year-old he played with legends like Albert King and Little Milton. With one foot in jazz and another in pop he has been a high profile musician for decades and is known for his collaboration with Stevie Wonder, Gil Evans, Brecker Brothers, Paul Simon, Todd Rundgren, Rolling Stones and David Bowie.

And as if that were not enough, he has also been a very successful film composer and, among other things, was behind the music of the Deadly Weapon movies. He has also been the in house band of Late Night with David Letterman. It may well be summed up that even those who have not heard the name David Sanborn will almost certainly have heard his characteristic saxophone - if they haven’t been living under a rock sheltered from all music and popular culture in recent decades.

Sanborn visited Moldejazz in 1997 with legends like Eric Clapton, Marcus Miller, Joe Sample and Steve Gadd. Although many connect Sanborn with electric compositions, he has already released an acoustic album in 1991 that changed many critics and the public's perception of him and his music. "I was tired of fighting the syntheses and the electric bass ... When you have an acoustic bass and piano, it all changes. The room and dynamics are completely different. "

When he finally returns to Molde, it's an acoustic project where he has brought a bunch of top-jazz musicians: pianist Andy Ezren, bassist Ben Williams, trombonist Michael Dease and drummer Billy Kilson.

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