Daniel Herskedal - Voyage

Powerful music in Molde Cathedral

Molde Cathedral 490,- fees incl.

The magnificent timbre and punch Daniel Herskedal has developed with his tuba since his debut with the trad-band Dixi, has established the Molde-man as an internationally leading instrumentalist.

With a box-fresh record in his luggage and one of his big sources of inspiration as a travel companion – oud-player, Maher Mahmoud – it's only natural for Moldejazz to take him back for a concert in the Molde Cathedral where he had great success with Slow eastbound train in 2015.

Herskedal comes home to Molde Cathedral with his regular ensemble – and in addition the fabulous Syrian Oud-player Maher Mahmoud. Viola-player Bergmund Waal Skaslien, percussionist Helge Norbakken and pianist Eyolf Dale, completes a rich ensemble that can evoke tones and atmospheres – from the fervently beautiful to the dramatic and powerful. The music has a distinct flavour of the middle east, but inspiration from other parts of the world also play into a rich musical expression.

His latest release on British Edition Records is called Voyage, which is the starting point of much of what we'll hear in the cathedral. The album was released in March and allaboutjazz.com notes in their review, «Herskedal is a musician and composer of extraordinary ability who is pushing the boundaries of his instrument to the limit. Voyage emerges as Daniel’s definitive statement so far, merging awe-inspiring beauty with a refreshingly original sound. The music is supremely melodic, tinged with rhythmical flare and vibrant colors»

This really smells like a home-team-win in the cathedral, Friday 19 July.

Daniel Herskedal, tuba and bass trumpet / Bergmund Waal Skaslien, viola / Eyolf Dale, piano / Helge Norbakken, percussion. Guest: Maher Mahmoud, Oud.

Follow the artist on social media: danielherskedal.com