Charles Lloyd – Kindered Spirits

The story of saxophone legend, Charles Lloyd, is almost too good to be true. His big break came with a quartet that had young Keith Jarrett and Jack DeJohnette among its members.

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The saxophone legend returns.

On his victory tour around the world, this quartet visited Moldejazz in the first decade of the festival, more specifically in 1966! The live album Forest Flower from the Monterey Jazz Festival became an instant classic and has been described as the jazz soundtrack to the flower-power movement.

In other words, Lloyd had a breakthrough far beyond the jazz community. He collaborated early on with blues masters like Muddy Waters, and later with the Beach Boys and The Band. After a few years at the top, it was a stop and he completely withdrew from the limelight.

It was two decades of silence, in a self-elected exile in Big Sur, before the unique pianist, Michel Petrucciani, brought him back and revived his career. After that, things have snowballed, and Lloyd's musical journey has never stopped taking exciting new turns.

– The deeper I dive into the sea of ​​sound, the more I am reminded that I must constantly dive deeper, he said in a recent interview.

The fact that Lloyd is one of jazz's greatest living stars is indisputable, but the most central is what Lloyd's music does to its listeners. His unique presence and warm and passionate musicality always reach far into the soul of the one who's so lucky to be listening.

For Lloyd, all rooms where music is played are sacred rooms, whether it is a small basement club, a church or a concert hall.

Charles Lloyd – saxophone, Merwin Sewell – guitar, Reuben Rogers – bass, Eric Harland – drums.

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