Bosses Bongoband

Join the jungle with Bosses Bongoband!

Magic Mirror (Rådhusplassen) 100,- fees incl.
Magic Mirror (Rådhusplassen) 150,- fees incl.

Bosse and the rest of the bongo band are almost always out on tour, and now they will be able to play a big jungle party again.We join a musical journey through the desert on camel, surfing over rapids, meeting with snake charmers. Hope everyone will make it to the great jungle party!

The music of the Bongo band is instrumental, it describes camel riding, surfing and snake charming, to name a few. During the trip, the children will hear music inspired by African music, Latin American music, funk and jazz.

Alexander "Bosse" Bosrup Karlsen - saxophone
Simen Kirkebø - Trumpet
Johan A.S. Jørgensen - Guitar
Steinar Aarsland - Keyboard
Ruben Larssen - Bass
Audun Lunnan Hjort - Vibraphone, Percussion
Andreas Lønmo Knudsrød - Percussion
Kristoffer Solvang - Drums