Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan Duo + guest appearance by Gard Nilssen

1. May 2019 the duo has a new record ready on EMC and Moldejazz is proud to host the festival-premiere 20. July.

Teatret Vårt (PLASSEN) 470,- fees incl.

This will be a celebration of the label EMC, wich Moldejazz has collaborated with for years. Among other things the founder og the label himself, Manred Eicher, visited us at the 40-years celebration of the label. In may 2019 the duo will finish a new record on EMC and Moldejazz is proud to host its festival premiere on 20. July!

Two years ago the duo Bill Frisell and Thomas Morgan released the live-record “Small Town” on EMC, the renowned German label soon to be 50 years in business. Frisell has a rich history of releases on the label with has collaborated closely with many norwegian jazz-musicians, and who has frequently used the services of sound-magician Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studios in Oslo. «Small Town», recorded at Village vanguard in New York, has received wonderful reviews and the record has been described as: “sweet delicately vibrating guitar tremolo over bone dry bass. Two expressive instruments playing plays exactly what is needed to fill an susceptive Village Vanguard. It is sentimental, beautiful and toned down, but with an inherent passion and power few other musicians can match. A musical nakedness, and intimacy, wich the two handle magnificently.”

Frisell is one of the musical paragons of Gard Nilssen, this years artist in recidence. Gard will be playing drums towards the end of the concert with Frisell and Morgan. This will be a very special experience both for Gard, and for those who find their way to Teatret Vårt this evening.

Bill Frisell – guitar, Thomas Morgan – bass, guest appearance : Gard Nilssen - drums.

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