Swedish Azz
Monday 14. July
KL 22.00
Storyville (PLASSEN)
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Jazz, in Swedish, for the computer generation

Mats Gustavsson, Per-Åke Holmlander, Kjell Nordeson and Erik Carlsson have for years made a sport out of reinterpreting and defying the Swedish jazz and folk  tradition. In many ways Swedish Azz can be seen as a continuation of Jan Johansson's folk project from the mid-60's. And they have, of course, interpreted Johanssson's previous interpretation of "Visa från utanmyren" to the unrecognizable.

The boys of Swdish Azz are a extraordinarily energetic bunch, known for explosive and, at times, noisy performances. They make good use of each instruments many possibilities. In short we'll get an innovative, intelligent and, especially, unorthodox journey through the quintets preferred hits taken from Swedish music.

Since 2009, Swedish Azz have six more or less eccentric released on their conscience. Apart from a 7" Christmas-release and a flexi-disc, they're all exclusively available as 10" records. The last album, a double-sided 10" record, came wrapped as a classic, Swedish album would back in the 60's.

You won't find Swedish Azz on neither Wimp nor Spotify, but here's "Över Stock och Sten" from last years release as a teaser of what to expect.