Valkyrien Allstars

Valkyrien Allstars has since the start-up in 2005 been a true idiomatic in Norwegian music, and they have already had time to become a musical attraction in many parts of the world with their innovative Norwegian folk-songs.

Valkyrian Allstars have their heart in the folk-music and their soul in the creative disclosure. In the spirit of improvisation they are inspired not only by blues and jazz, but also by reggae and rock.
"We don't emphasize that music needs to be clean and nice. Music is meant to kick ass. And, if possible, be felt in your nether regions" they say. With such a philosophy it comes as no suprise that the band is known for delivering truly fantastic concerts!

Tuva Syvertsen - Hardanger-fiddle, Vocals
Ola Hilmen - Hardanger-fiddle
Erik Sollid - Hardanger-fiddle
Martin Langlie - Drums
Magnus Larsen - Bass